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March 18, 2008 02:46
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These days I looked into the "optional_features" part of the spec and
found spec bugs. What about the following amendments?

(1) make optional_features a map, not a sequence of many maps. It
    makes no sense to me that features have a sequence.

    In case one really wants them to have a sequence, then the data
    structure must be revisited because the spec actually demands a
    structure: { foo => { description => "...", ... }}

(2) s/sequence/mapping in the text. Note that the spec already says
    {map} in that line

(3) mention configure_requires

Index: META-spec.pod
--- META-spec.pod	(Revision 10910)
+++ META-spec.pod	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -258,16 +258,16 @@
-  - foo:
+    foo:
       description: Provides the ability to blah.
         Data::Dumper: 0
         File::Find: 1.03
-I<(Spec 1.1) [optional] {map} A YAML sequence of names for optional features
+I<(Spec 1.1) [optional] {map} A YAML mapping of names for optional features
 which are made available when its requirements are met. For each
 feature a description is provided along with any of L<"requires">,
-L<"build_requires">, and L<"conflicts">, which have the same meaning in
+L<"build_requires">, L<"configure_requires">, and L<"conflicts">, which have the same meaning in
 this subcontext as described elsewhere in this document.>
 =head2 build_requires

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