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Elaine -HFB- Ashton
July 28, 2000 22:38
Subject: want a working group
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Since everyone seems to be willing to yammer on about nothing in
particular I'd like to introduce something a bit more concrete. 

The following was on the OpenBSD mailing list about a week ago, stemming
from a dispute to include Perl in the base distribution or not. Now, I
don't want to go on about advocacy or the details of this, but one might
note the last line of the email and wonder...well...what might people think
of Perl6 if they think this with Perl5? 

I could care less about NNTP gateways to email, etc. but I do happen to
care that the OpenBSD group seems to think this way and I have no prepared
defense or even reasoned words to combat this viewpoint. So....

Working Group - Vendor relations and advocacy
Purpose - Compose ways to combat and convince groups that Perl isn't
totally bonkers and unstable. A Perl Zen if you will.
Members - I'd like to see Tim Bunce and Alan Burlison at least since they
know the horrors of getting a vendor to 'see the light'.

Perl6 isn't going to be heralded as the second coming with open arms by
most so it would be good to give some serious thought as to why people
hate Perl5 and why they might be willing to even think about Perl 6.

All those interested say 'aye' and get yourselves a mailing list and go
forth and be fruitful.



On Sat, Jul 22, 2000 at 12:36:52AM +0200, Marc Espie wrote:

 > Next time you're bored, time NetBSD makewhatis (you know, the one in
 > C). 
 > Now, compare it to OpenBSD's version (you know the one in perl).
 > Now guess which one is faster. 

Uh, "so, who cares?"  Besides, that's likely to be a regexp library issue,
not a "perl vs. C" question.
 > As far as awk and sh go, yeah, sure. Those tools exist. Perl is
 > simpler,   
 > easier to maintain, generally faster, simpler to get secure, to debug,
 > etc.

Perl simpler and easier to maintain?  D00d, you almost made me spit my
coffee across the room I laughed to hard!  :-)

Sure, a 3 line perl script might be "easier" to maintain than a 20 line 
shell/awk program ... until you upgrade your perl version and suddenly         
your script doens't work anymore.

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>

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