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Re: Working Group Proposal

Benjamin Stuhl
July 20, 2000 09:42
Re: Working Group Proposal
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From: Ken Fox <>
>Joshua N Pritikin wrote:
> >   Perl5 => Intermediate Representation (C or C++ or Obj-C) => Perl6
>Oooh... Then all the academics would *have* to take Perl seriously.
>I mean that's *conclusive proof* that Perl6 is a research project... ;)
> > Chip's Topaz idea was to use C++ instead of C.
>Which was (and still is) a good decision for all the many reasons
>Chip has talked about.
> > Maybe C++ is still too low-level.
>rotfl. 1000 pages of specs and it's still too low-level? (But
>perhaps in this age of a decoded human genome I shouldn't confuse
>low-level with smaller and simpler?)
>I think one of the problems with C++ is that it's too high-level for
>implementing some critical features like dynamic module loading. There's
>just too much freedom in implementing a C++ compiler (yes, bondage
>and discipline only applies to the followers, not the high priests.)
> > I propose that perl6 be written exclusively in perl5.
>The scheme48 project had a very good experience writing the core
>in a reduced dialect of scheme. This reduced dialect could be "easily"
>translated to a machine representation (they used C). I would support
>a similar implementation of perl6. (The reduced perl could be the
>ultra-portable microperl.)

I like this idea. However, as performance is still somewhat of an issue (and 
perl5, at least, eats immense amounts of memory even in C), I would propose 
that the intermediate language (and that of the microperl6) be C, rather 
than something higher level with more overhead.

However, perl6 can't be *exclusively* in perl5. After all, there will be 
some code modules (scalar variable handling, for instance) that are not 
optional. Even if they're wrapped in a perl5 script, the script likely won't 
be much more than a bunch of here-docs, with maybe a few conditionals 
depending on the configuration chosen... ;)

-- BKS
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