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Re: Why we're here

Ask Bjoern Hansen
July 24, 2000 03:13
Re: Why we're here
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On 24 Jul 2000, Simon Cozens wrote:

> Which of those guys on the PHP credits page is the spin doctor?

Rasmus Lerdorf.  Several companies "speaks for C". (I'm not familiar
with the other languages communities). Anyway, that's besides the
> We don't need a single guy telling the world how good Perl is. Play
> our cards right, and we'll have a million of them.

You almost answered it yourself in your later mail, but let me try
to give a few words on how I see it:

Situation: We like people to use Perl. We like to use Perl. We don't
want to have to argue over if Perl is an appropiate language when it
clearly is, but the magazines and word-of-mouth tells that Perl is
hard and Perl is unmaintainable and whatnot.

Some other languages[tm] gets lots of media attention when someone
make a new version with other bugs than the last oen of their buggy
implementation of a poor language that can be bought as an upgrade
for only two gazillion stacks of gold. If we're not pushing to make
it otherwise we could probably get Perl 6 out the door without
getting anything else than TPJ, webtechniques and maybe a few Linux
magazines to write about it. We don't want that to happen. We want
as much media coverage about how cool Perl is (and becoming) as
brian d foy already have his fax programmed with the numbers to the
media we want to write about "news in Perl", contacts here and there
and what have you not. And he volunteered to be the person to make
sure it happens. Like with all the other "roles" given out at the
tuesday meeting we'll of course have to help him get the information
that needs to be sent out.

And what this is *not* supposed to do is of course to shut everyone
else up. The more who can write articles and speak to their favorite
journalist the better. It was just to have one person pointed out to
be the one to send press releases for us and make sure they look
professional and similar and gets out to everyone relevant. No TPI
ghosts here...

 - ask

ps.  it's really great that you're still with us Simon. Thanks!  
pps. I've finally gotten the "Sender" address you are using added to
     the others allowed to post list so your postings should now not
     have to go through the moderator anymore.

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