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the range of an array 7 messages Philip Potter, Xubo, WashingtonGeorge, Brad Baxter 13 Apr 2010
SCALAR ref 4 messages Shlomi Fish, Akhthar Parvez K 13 Apr 2010
Problem in installing ActivePerl 5.10 on Windows 7 with x64 chipset 8 messages Rene Schickbauer, CHAN, KENNETH 1 [AG/7721], Sisyphus, Bob McConnell 15 Apr 2010
Display the actual values in an array 6 messages CHAN, KENNETH 1 [AG/7721], Shlomi Fish, Uri Guttman 13 Apr 2010
Copy file from one server to another 5 messages Chris Coggins, Brandon McCaig, Steve Bertrand, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?= 14 Apr 2010
Incrementing letters in for loop 15 messages =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Magne_Sand=F8y?=, Shlomi Fish, Shawn H Corey, C.DeRykus 14 Apr 2010
Pattern matching problem - Why won't this work? 5 messages Peter Scott, Owen Chavez, Shawn H Corey 12 Apr 2010
[Meta] On style disagreements 1 message Peter Scott 12 Apr 2010
parse xml 1 message vyomesh Kulkarni 12 Apr 2010
html print 11 messages Shlomi Fish, Chris Coggins, Shawn H Corey, John W. Krahn 16 Apr 2010
Subroutine doesn't write to file 12 messages Uri Guttman, Philip Potter, Shlomi Fish, Abimael Martinez 12 Apr 2010
How ro specify path in "use lib qw()" 2 messages Mimi Cafe, Shlomi Fish 12 Apr 2010
Re: beginner projects 8 messages Uri Guttman, Steve Bertrand, Harry Putnam, Tim Bowden 11 Apr 2010
about split and \d or . (.) 27 messages Harry Putnam, John W. Krahn, Shawn H Corey, Uri Guttman 13 Apr 2010
Feeding ouput from Net::Telnet into sub 7 messages Joseph L. Casale, Uri Guttman 10 Apr 2010
Perl; socket 2 messages Niko zuna, Uri Guttman 10 Apr 2010
snmpwalk with perl 3 messages =?gb2312?B?xe3Twruq?=, Sisyphus 9 Apr 2010
run Unix commands from script! 6 messages Niko zuna, John W. Krahn, Shawn H Corey, Brandon McCaig 9 Apr 2010
Modules download from CPAN 8 messages Shawn H Corey, Open Source, Brandon McCaig, Jeremiah Foster 10 Apr 2010
How to create DSN on Solaris for Win32::ODBC 2 messages Parag Kalra, Jenda Krynicky 17 Apr 2010
Undefined Subroutine 2 messages Ron Wingfield, Jim Gibson 8 Apr 2010
Re: [Was XS linker] 5 messages Rene Schickbauer, Jenda Krynicky, Dermot, Pry, Jeffrey 12 Apr 2010
encrypted file 3 messages Akhthar Parvez K, Rob Coops 8 Apr 2010
String length limits? 6 messages Rene Schickbauer, Chris Coggins, John W. Krahn, Rob Coops 12 Apr 2010
How to install modules 3 messages, Rob Coops, Jins Thomas 8 Apr 2010
Decimal representation of binary file (unpack) 7 messages Raymond Wan, Philip Potter, John W. Krahn, Dr.Ruud 8 Apr 2010
How to check modules ... ??? 3 messages Shlomi Fish, newbie01 perl, C.DeRykus 8 Apr 2010
Date calculation help/suggestion please ... when there is no Date or Time module available 2 messages newbie01 perl, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?= 7 Apr 2010
Fifo Queue Job Scheduler 4 messages Joseph L. Casale, Rene Schickbauer 12 Apr 2010
XML Parsing/Modules 5 messages Open Source, Robert Wohlfarth, Shawn H Corey, Shlomi Fish 7 Apr 2010
XS linker 10 messages Uri Guttman, Paul Johnson, Patrick Dupre, Mike McClain 7 Apr 2010
Getting a subroutine reference from an object instance 11 messages Eric Veith1, Peter Scott, Shlomi Fish, Steve Bertrand 12 Apr 2010
Converting 12 hour time format to 24 hour format ... a bit urgent 2 messages =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?=, newbie01 perl 7 Apr 2010
Using References in Modules within threads 11 messages Rene Schickbauer, Shawn H Corey, Shlomi Fish, Bob McConnell 8 Apr 2010
Perl: Subroutines and use of the "GD::Graph::bars;" Module 7 messages alekto, Jins Thomas, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?= 7 Apr 2010
about beginner perl site and developing skill 10 messages Harry Putnam, Rene Schickbauer, Rob Coops, Philip Potter 8 Apr 2010
Looping in Test::Harness 8 messages Bob McConnell, Philip Potter, Uri Guttman, Brandon McCaig 9 Apr 2010
Any Oracle DBA Around ???? - Perl DBI of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Install 7 messages newbie01 perl, Shlomi Fish, Rob Coops 7 Apr 2010
puzzle 6 messages Shlomi Fish, Rafal Czlonka, Dr.Ruud, Harinatha Reddy M 7 Apr 2010
about the various styles of `open' 14 messages Harry Putnam, Shawn H Corey, Brandon McCaig, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?= 8 Apr 2010
Need help to start with... 4 messages Harinatha Reddy M, Shlomi Fish, Arjun, Alan Haggai Alavi 4 Apr 2010
Working with files of different character encodings 7 messages Dr.Ruud, Doug Cacialli, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?=, Uri Guttman 7 Apr 2010
Permission mode of a directory 6 messages Dr.Ruud, Akhthar Parvez K, John W. Krahn 6 Apr 2010
str2time returns bad result for timezone MST7MDT during daylight time 2 messages Shlomi Fish, Kelly Jones 2 Apr 2010
Re: $_ substitution Question 13 messages jet speed, Shlomi Fish, John W. Krahn, chintan sheth 2 Apr 2010
free memory 4 messages Patrick Dupre, Philip Potter, Shawn H Corey 1 Apr 2010
perl -TW -Mstrict -Mwarnings 2 messages Brandon McCaig, Jim Gibson 1 Apr 2010
Re: hv_store hoh 6 messages Patrick Dupre, Shlomi Fish, Bob McConnell 1 Apr 2010
Re: What is the error in this code 3 messages Shawn H Corey, Vincent Cannavale, Jim Gibson 1 Apr 2010
AW: Perl appears to be introducing whitespace when reading .txt files 12 messages Shlomi Fish, Doug Cacialli, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?=, Alexey Salmin 1 Apr 2010

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