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Redirecting the Output and Error of Perl script 5 messages Parag Kalra, Philip Potter, Harry Putnam, Shawn H Corey 30 Apr 2010
Closing File Handles 4 messages Harry Putnam, Joseph L. Casale, Shawn H Corey, =?windows-1252?Q?Whacky=99?= 30 Apr 2010
Here Docs 10 messages Joseph L. Casale, Jenda Krynicky, Uri Guttman, Dr.Ruud 30 Apr 2010
Can we perform substitution to the matched pattern inside a regular expression so that the modified pattern gets returned instead of earlier matched one ? 5 messages C.DeRykus, Amit Saxena 30 Apr 2010
Passing arguments @_ 4 messages HACKER Nora, Shlomi Fish, Shawn H Corey 30 Apr 2010
Dispatch table using Tie::RegexpHash 4 messages Uri Guttman, Steve Bertrand 29 Apr 2010
Creating groups of bat files from perl script 9 messages Paul, Jim Gibson, Bob McConnell, John W. Krahn 30 Apr 2010
Is this a feature or a bug? 5 messages marcos rebelo, Shlomi Fish, Emanuele Zeppieri, Paulo 30 Apr 2010
function return 14 messages Akhthar Parvez K, Shlomi Fish, Shawn H Corey, John W. Krahn 30 Apr 2010
unless with AND 9 messages Akhthar Parvez K, merlyn, Uri Guttman, Shawn H Corey 29 Apr 2010
How to make a hash in a subroutine accessible by all other subrountines? 7 messages Akhthar Parvez K, Remy Guo, Shlomi Fish, Shawn H Corey 29 Apr 2010
XML Replace 4 messages Trev, Brad Baxter, Shlomi Fish, Klaus 30 Apr 2010
Filehandle problem 4 messages HACKER Nora, Akhthar Parvez K 29 Apr 2010
matching values of one hash to another 12 messages Harry Putnam, Uri Guttman, Jim Gibson, John W. Krahn 29 Apr 2010
Perl not closing TCP sockets if clients are no longer connected? 2 messages Leon Meyer, Bob McConnell 28 Apr 2010
perl setuid/suid and "use MODULE" 3 messages David Lee, Dermot 29 Apr 2010
Perl executable 2 messages Jeff Pang, Vaishak S 28 Apr 2010
Too many arguments for OneTickUtil::getFilesFromDir at G:\workspace1\scripts\ line 4, near "$pattern)" 2 messages Dermot, dbtouch 28 Apr 2010
Interactive shell in Perl 6 messages Parag Kalra, Jeff Pang, John W. Krahn, Shlomi Fish 28 Apr 2010
get path to linked directory 9 messages =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?=, John Bruin, Andreas Moroder, Shawn H Corey 29 Apr 2010
get acl's of directory 8 messages Chas. Owens, Eric Veith1, Andreas Moroder, Jenda Krynicky 27 Apr 2010
Reg Exp: Extract from last appearance of A to first appearance B 5 messages Erez Schatz, HolyNoob, John W. Krahn 27 Apr 2010
When to use anonymous references 5 messages Peter Scott, Uri Guttman, Tim Bowden, Shlomi Fish 27 Apr 2010
Re: special variable $? usage : SOLVED 1 message Bruno Costacurta 26 Apr 2010
Perl rounding errors? 13 messages Rob Coops, Uri Guttman, Shlomi Fish, =?UTF-8?B?VGhvbWFzIELDpHR6bGVy?= 29 Apr 2010
serious self confusion over line counts and hashs. 4 messages Harry Putnam, Jim Gibson, Shawn H Corey 25 Apr 2010
Modify excel worrkbook in perl 4 messages luke devon, Jim Gibson, Shlomi Fish 26 Apr 2010
Mobile::Wurfl vs Apache2::WURFL Filter 1 message Mimi Cafe 24 Apr 2010
File::Find and top level directory 2 messages Harry Putnam, Shlomi Fish 25 Apr 2010
Strong Type comparsion in Perl 3 messages Bob goolsby, Uri Guttman, Ryan Chan 24 Apr 2010
about dispatch tables 38 messages Harry Putnam, Steve Bertrand, Philip Potter, Ireneusz Pluta 24 Apr 2010
clear HTML POST data. 2 messages Chris Coggins, Ming Qian 23 Apr 2010
Can't install Inline::Java 4 messages Alexander Koenig, C.DeRykus, Jeremiah Foster 25 Apr 2010
special variable $? usage 6 messages Brandon McCaig, John W. Krahn, Bruno Costacurta, Shawn H Corey 26 Apr 2010
Need help to resove..... ExtUtils-Makemaker comilation 10 messages Raheel Hassan, Shlomi Fish, Owen, Dermot 24 Apr 2010
Meta: "Nice" Perl? 6 messages Rene Schickbauer, Owen, Rob Coops, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?= 22 Apr 2010
Transparent color 9 messages CHAN, KENNETH 1 [AG/7721], Owen, Shawn H Corey, Shlomi Fish 26 Apr 2010
Newbie stuck at the first hurdle 6 messages Kryten, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?=, Owen, Uri Guttman 24 Apr 2010
UNIX permission bit calculator ... ??? 2 messages Jeff Pang, newbie01 perl 21 Apr 2010
why does this code fail with stat? 9 messages Harry Putnam, Shlomi Fish, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?=, =?UTF-8?B?VGhvbWFzIELDpHR6bGVy?= 22 Apr 2010
Regex to match a word or phrase (no special character) 6 messages Shawn H Corey, Mimi Cafe, Akhthar Parvez K, gabi.hack.ext 22 Apr 2010
Using backtick operator output and feeding it into array 5 messages Lonnie Ellis, Uri Guttman, Linux Expert 22 Apr 2010
while and eval 4 messages Uri Guttman, John W. Krahn, Arun P Menon, Shawn H Corey 21 Apr 2010
Get XML content using XML::Twig 1 message alwaysonnet 21 Apr 2010
ExtUtils-Makemaker comilation problems. 1 message Raheel Hassan 21 Apr 2010
serial port communication 1 message axr0284 21 Apr 2010
How to manage large Conditional Statement 7 messages Uri Guttman, Mimi Cafe, Octavian Rasnita, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?= 21 Apr 2010
Local and global at the same time? 3 messages newbie01 perl, Jeff Pang, Shawn H Corey 20 Apr 2010
Perl script to change XML to text ... ??? 6 messages Shlomi Fish, keithvb, Dermot, newbie01 perl 21 Apr 2010
What is the difference between: 'my $var = 1' vs. 'my ( $var ) = 1'? 3 messages Jim Gibson, Marc Perry, Brandon McCaig 20 Apr 2010
can't locate loadable object for module PadWalker in @INC 4 messages CHAN, KENNETH 1 [AG/7721], Shlomi Fish 21 Apr 2010
list assignment 8 messages Shawn H Corey, srd, C.DeRykus, Paul Johnson 21 Apr 2010
rs232 in perl 1 message axr0284 20 Apr 2010
Problems with "show tech" using the Net::Telnet Module 5 messages Asterix, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?=, Uri Guttman 25 Apr 2010
Is there any method to tell different between warning and errors? 4 messages Jeff Pang, Weizhong Dai, =?UTF-8?B?VGhvbWFzIELDpHR6bGVy?=, Shawn H Corey 20 Apr 2010
Strange Error 3 messages Mike Blezien, Jim Gibson 19 Apr 2010
Help XML::Simple a weird behaviour 1 message Jins Thomas 19 Apr 2010
Writing Perl scripts to run on any OS'es 5 messages newbie01 perl, merlyn, Octavian Rasnita, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?= 19 Apr 2010
Help on using << on *nix and Windows 9 messages newbie01 perl, David Nicol, John Scoles, Fi Dot 21 Apr 2010
not able to get contents from hash after parsing xml 1 message vyomesh Kulkarni 19 Apr 2010
Why is the answer right... 5 messages Harry Putnam, John W. Krahn 19 Apr 2010
Can't locate object method "TIEHASH" via package " Apache::Session::MySQL 7 messages Mimi Cafe, Uri Guttman, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?=, Owen 19 Apr 2010
Extract substring from offset to space or full stop 13 messages Akhthar Parvez K, Mimi Cafe, Shawn H Corey, John W. Krahn 18 Apr 2010
How to properly fold a subject header in email 5 messages Harry Putnam, John W. Krahn 18 Apr 2010
references to operators? 3 messages Tim Bowden, Shlomi Fish 16 Apr 2010
ExtUtils::MakeMaker, execute Perl code during "make test" 9 messages Steve Bertrand, Philip Potter, Paul Johnson 16 Apr 2010
Date_GetPrev "error" 3 messages Tony Esposito, Uri Guttman 15 Apr 2010
XML Parser Error 4 messages Open Source, Wagner, David --- Senior Programmer Analyst --- CFS, Brad Baxter 16 Apr 2010
Not understanding deleted symbol key access 4 messages C.DeRykus, Linux Expert 17 Apr 2010
how to create a hash on the fly 10 messages raphael.japh, Uri Guttman, Steve Bertrand, Alexey Salmin 16 Apr 2010
Nested if and elsif and else 14 messages Harry Putnam, Jim Gibson, Mimi Cafe, Steve Bertrand 15 Apr 2010
File Type 2 messages Parag Kalra, Arun P Menon 13 Apr 2010
free memory 4 messages Peter Scott, Philip Potter, Patrick Dupre, C.DeRykus 13 Apr 2010
Perl get host's IP 3 messages =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?=, Peng YH, =?ISO-8859-1?B?UGVuZyBZSA==?= 14 Apr 2010
Thread Queues and Sockets 1 message Iker Perez de Albeniz Villarroel 13 Apr 2010

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