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do something after time expired 11 messages David Schmidt, Jay Savage, Rene Schickbauer, Erez Schatz 30 Nov 2009
CGI programming 4 messages Rene Schickbauer, lan messerschmidt, Anant Gupta, Philip Potter 30 Nov 2009
escape quotes in GREP 6 messages lan messerschmidt, Uri Guttman, juliaaaa.1, Julia Gallardo Lomeli 30 Nov 2009
die unless match is successful 5 messages raphael.japh, Dermot, Erez Schatz, John W. Krahn 29 Nov 2009
Insecure $ENV{PATH} message 13 messages Huub van Niekerk, Uri Guttman, Dave Tang, Shawn H Corey 29 Nov 2009
PRINT LAST ENTRY IN A FILE 6 messages Dermot, Dr.Ruud, matt, raphael.japh 30 Nov 2009
Autovivification of hash from an array 8 messages Jeremiah Foster, Shawn H Corey, Dr.Ruud, John W. Krahn 30 Nov 2009
reference to anonymous array, references last element instead?? 7 messages Mark_Galeck, John Refior, John W. Krahn, gaochong 29 Nov 2009
biggest lottery winners 1 message william kisman 27 Nov 2009
remove directory from @INC 5 messages Huub van Niekerk, Shawn H Corey, Owen 28 Nov 2009
for loop 4 messages Steve Bertrand, PigInACage, lan messerschmidt, Shawn H Corey 27 Nov 2009
a simple question about the line 4 messages Majian, Dermot, Chris Charley, John W. Krahn 27 Nov 2009
A simple question about the Perl line 5 messages Majian, lan messerschmidt, merlyn 27 Nov 2009
calc time elapsed in days 4 messages Rob Coops, raphael.japh, Dermot 27 Nov 2009
Separating DB operations out of program code 7 messages Steve Bertrand, Dermot, Scott Pham, Shlomi Fish 28 Nov 2009
Perl - Read and Write Multi-Language text (Scandanavian,German) 7 messages CM, Shlomi Fish, Dr.Ruud 30 Nov 2009
udp server 4 messages Rene Schickbauer, Telemachus, cerr, Yonghua Peng 26 Nov 2009
Assignment Operator 4 messages Marco Pacini, Philip Potter, Jenda Krynicky, Uri Guttman 28 Nov 2009
Query Online File Size 2 messages raphael.japh, Giany 26 Nov 2009
Connection pooling implementation in perl 2 messages Jeff Pang, Praveena Vittal 25 Nov 2009
loading GD module on Solaris 3 messages Paul Johnson, Aimee Cardenas 26 Nov 2009
How to toggle a variable with each iteration? 3 messages Dermot, Jim Gibson, kusuma ramaswamy 25 Nov 2009
Code issue with perl5.10 6 messages Steve Bertrand, Dermot, Paul Johnson, Philip Potter 25 Nov 2009
Problems in POSIX 2 messages Raheel Hassan, C.DeRykus 27 Nov 2009
why can't I collapse reference variable? 4 messages Mark_Galeck, Uri Guttman, C.DeRykus 30 Nov 2009
Re: A Revised Logo for Perl 10 messages Shawn H Corey, Uri Guttman, merlyn, rkb 25 Oct 2009
a match question 12 messages =?GB2312?B?T3JjaGlkIEZhaXJ5ICjAvLuoz8nX0yk=?=, Shawn H Corey, John W. Krahn, Majian 25 Nov 2009
Documentation practices 4 messages Philip Potter, Shawn H Corey, Steve Bertrand, Jim Gibson 24 Nov 2009
IF... OR... not working 5 messages Chad Morland, Steve Bertrand, Shawn H Corey, Robert Wohlfarth 24 Nov 2009
Find out if a method calls another method 5 messages Steve Bertrand, Jay Savage, gabi.hack.ext, C.DeRykus 24 Nov 2009
dcc chat example 5 messages Kammen van, Marco, Springer SBM NL, Jay Savage, Rob Coops, Shlomi Fish 30 Nov 2009
how to write a debug-print sub with one argument? 7 messages Mark_Galeck, Philip Potter, Rob Coops, Peter Scott 30 Nov 2009
Regex to get last 3 digits of a number. 20 messages shadow52, Shawn H Corey, gaochong, John W. Krahn 24 Nov 2009
How to find which perl has called my program? 3 messages Peter Scott, Shawn H Corey, abhi jain 23 Nov 2009
a perl code to get the process info ,Your comments and suggestions are welcome 1 message gaochong 19 Nov 2009
the question of one program 11 messages gaochong, Shlomi Fish, Jenda Krynicky, Jim Gibson 23 Nov 2009
Out of Memory error with large Oracle DB extraction 4 messages Rene Schickbauer, Dan Fish, Rob Coops, Peter Scott 25 Nov 2009
how to implement a long connection to tcp server 2 messages John W. Krahn, =?GB2312?B?T3JjaGlkIEZhaXJ5ICjAvLuoz8nX0yk=?= 18 Nov 2009
Is unlink() supposed to provide an error message on failure? 8 messages David Christensen, C.DeRykus, Jeff Pang, brian d foy 19 Nov 2009
Regular expressions question 5 messages, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=E4tzler?=, Dermot, Rob Coops 18 Nov 2009
Net::SNMP OID doubt 5 messages Shameem Ahamed, Venkat Saranathan, gabi.hack.ext 18 Nov 2009
about signal 2 messages gaochong, Shlomi Fish 18 Nov 2009
Is it necessary to open the file again to read its contents. 6 messages Parag Kalra, Shawn H Corey, Wagner, David --- Senior Programmer Analyst --- CFS, Telemachus 17 Nov 2009
How to redirect a message simultaneously to a file-handler and standard O/P 3 messages matt, Jim Gibson, Parag Kalra 18 Nov 2009
How to complete the loop while debugging. 4 messages Parag Kalra, Robert Wohlfarth 17 Nov 2009
Emailing all pdf files in a directory 2 messages Tiffany, Dermot 17 Nov 2009
how do i ??? 3 messages Jeff Pang, Subhashini 17 Nov 2009
=?gb2312?B?bWtkaXIgaW4gdGhlIG1vdW50ZWQgcGFydGl0aW9uo6xwbGVhc2UgaA==?==?gb2312?B?ZWxwIG1lo6x0aGFua3M=?= 10 messages gaochong, Chris Charley, Dermot, John W. Krahn 18 Nov 2009
Perl CGI Incremental find 5 messages Dave Tang, =?utf-8?B?VGhvbWFzIELDpHR6bGVy?=, Owen, Jeff Pang 17 Nov 2009
Extended Constructs 3 messages Shawn H Corey, Shubhangi, Rob Coops 16 Nov 2009
join lines 10 messages Jackie Jackie, Dr.Ruud, gabi.hack.ext, Shawn H Corey 18 Nov 2009
return {}->{'name'}; 16 messages merlyn, Dermot, Ming Qian, Uri Guttman 17 Nov 2009
Looking for advise on storring a complex array 6 messages Rob Coops, Jeff Pang, Dermot, Rene Schickbauer 18 Nov 2009
Need a Perl Regex Help 5 messages 7, Parag Kalra, Shawn H Corey 14 Nov 2009
redirecting to a file in perl 12 messages Dermot, Subhashini, Philip Potter, Jim Gibson 14 Nov 2009
set fonts for GD 2 messages Robert Wohlfarth, =?GB2312?B?T3JjaGlkIEZhaXJ5ICjAvLuoz8nX0yk=?= 13 Nov 2009
push coomand on hash variables 7 messages Erez Schatz, John W. Krahn, Anant Gupta, =?GB2312?B?T3JjaGlkIEZhaXJ5ICjAvLuoz8nX0yk=?= 13 Nov 2009
Explicit return and anonymous hashes 6 messages Philip Potter, Shawn H Corey, Peter Scott 12 Nov 2009
Perl+webservice 3 messages Dermot, kartik saxena 12 Nov 2009
hash keys and readable code 4 messages Uri Guttman, Philip Potter 11 Nov 2009
Perl "require" and PERL5OPT 2 messages vaishnavi krishnan, Paul Johnson 11 Nov 2009
use module on perl -e 2 messages Shawn H Corey, =?GB2312?B?T3JjaGlkIEZhaXJ5ICjAvLuoz8nX0yk=?= 10 Nov 2009
On map 3 messages Jim Gibson, Bryan R Harris, Uri Guttman 10 Nov 2009
check a string against a array 2 messages rithu, John W. Krahn 10 Nov 2009
verilog-perl-3.221 usage troubles 3 messages cute, Jim Gibson 11 Nov 2009
fun programming problem 5 messages Shawn H Corey, Jay Savage, Matthew Sacks, Rob Coops 10 Nov 2009
splice without the remove 4 messages Dermot, Shawn H Corey, Jim Gibson 9 Nov 2009
splitting and replacing characters 6 messages tom smith, Robert Wohlfarth, Jim Gibson, John W. Krahn 9 Nov 2009
Clarification needed on metacharacters 2 messages Pierre Nugues, Uri Guttman 9 Nov 2009
the classic "which is the fastest way to sort" question 7 messages Philip Potter, Uri Guttman, Michael Alipio, Shlomi Fish 9 Nov 2009
regex question 3 messages Jeremiah Foster, Jay Savage, axr0284 9 Nov 2009
How to catch the DBI module error message 4 messages Parag Kalra, Dermot, =?utf-8?B?VGhvbWFzIELDpHR6bGVy?= 9 Nov 2009
Monitoring multiple child processes 10 messages Taylor, Andrew , Shawn H Corey, C.DeRykus 10 Nov 2009
Net::FTP fails when invoked from browser 5 messages boman, Dermot, Uri Guttman, Peter Scott 10 Nov 2009
Change tag case 4 messages Ramesh, Marimuthu, tom smith, Robert Citek 7 Nov 2009

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