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shift() from the caller() stack? 1 message Steve Bertrand 30 Sep 2009
How to fill an array from multiple row in a db 7 messages Bruce Ferrell, Shawn H Corey, Jim Gibson, rkb 30 Sep 2009
Limit on number of columns pulled using DBI::ODBC 6 messages Tony Esposito, Steve Bertrand 30 Sep 2009
Reading from multiple pipes 3 messages Ed Avis 30 Sep 2009
HI 4 messages Jyoti, Jeff Peng 29 Sep 2009
Wants to migrate from one machine to another. 5 messages Raheel Hassan, Jeff Peng, Shawn H Corey 29 Sep 2009
get list of files sorted by date 3 messages Andreas Moroder, Jeff Peng, Алексеев Александр 29 Sep 2009
Hash of Hashes 11 messages Soham Das, Shawn H Corey, Uri Guttman, Thomas Bätzler 29 Sep 2009
Use Strict, Perl 5.10 and Global Symbol requires explicit package name 3 messages Soham Das, Алексеев Александр 29 Sep 2009
how to do a `cp` on millions of files 12 messages Steve Bertrand, xufengnju, Uri Guttman, pchristopher 28 Sep 2009
GD::Text::Wrap 2 messages Jo for lists and groups 29 Sep 2009
Installing Tie::CSV_File in PPM 3 messages Soham Das, Sisyphus 28 Sep 2009
variables and sql-statements within perlscripts 2 messages Lawrence Statton, Ruprecht Helms 28 Sep 2009
Arrays, Dates, Indexing and Initialisation 13 messages Soham Das, Shawn H Corey, Uri Guttman, Dr.Ruud 28 Sep 2009
Argument "List::Util" isn't numeric 5 messages Shawn H Corey, Steve Bertrand, Алексеев Александр, Stanisław Findeisen 28 Sep 2009
display tail of monster file 4 messages Harry Putnam, 叶孤城 26 Sep 2009
[cpan Q] Failure to finish installing using cpan [File::ReadBackwards 2 messages Harry Putnam, Kevin Phair 28 Sep 2009
Using named params 3 messages Steve Bertrand, Shlomi Fish 27 Sep 2009
hash question 8 messages reggie_johnson, Jim Gibson, Uri Guttman, Shawn H Corey 29 Sep 2009
Perl script 4 messages Gabor Szabo, Shawn H Corey, 叶孤城, Irfan Sayed 25 Sep 2009
export symbols across directories 3 messages Uri Guttman, Shawn H Corey, Stanisław T. Findeisen 25 Sep 2009
transliterate the negative character class in perl 6 messages Uri Guttman, Robert Citek, Shawn H Corey 25 Sep 2009
dealing with "~" 4 messages Noah, Shawn H Corey, Steve Bertrand, Jim Gibson 24 Sep 2009
numeric comparison always returning true! 9 messages pablo, Uri Guttman, Chas. Owens, Steve Bertrand 25 Sep 2009
Automating for the SNMPv3 query and trap 1 message Rachit Gupta 23 Sep 2009
decimal to binary? 20 messages Uri Guttman, Bryan R Harris, Chas. Owens, Bob McConnell 23 Sep 2009
Burnt camel etc. etc 2 messages Chas. Owens, ANJAN PURKAYASTHA 23 Sep 2009
Friday Fun [was: Burnt Camel Club] 1 message Balázs Botond 23 Sep 2009
How to provide editor environment on <STDIN> 6 messages Harry Putnam, Chas. Owens 22 Sep 2009
Testing with Selenium 5 messages Steve Bertrand, Bob McConnell, Paul Johnson 23 Sep 2009
mbtomh in perl? 3 messages Shlomi Fish, Alexey Mishustin, Mishustin Alexey 23 Sep 2009
best way to get number of elements in list value 11 messages Chas. Owens, Mike McClain, Bryan R Harris, Roman Makurin 24 Sep 2009
Charter of perl.beginners 17 messages Ian, merlyn, Uri Guttman, Chas. Owens 23 Sep 2009
Requesting peer review... 2 messages Steve Bertrand, Shlomi Fish 21 Sep 2009
"Out Of Memory" 14 messages Shawn H Corey, Telemachus, Rodrick Brown, jm 21 Sep 2009
typical errors beginners make 2 messages Gabor Szabo, Jenda Krynicky 19 Sep 2009
match pattern 5 messages raphael.japh, Jim Bauer, Wagner, David --- Senior Programmer Analyst --- CFS, Shawn H Corey 18 Sep 2009
matching multi occurrences or nothing 4 messages Chas. Owens, John W. Krahn, Jim Bauer, Noah Garrett Wallach 19 Sep 2009
push and split 14 messages Noah Garrett Wallach, Steve Bertrand, Chas. Owens, Dr.Ruud 20 Sep 2009
Strange Data space wipe out with hashes 3 messages Jerry Rocteur, Uri Guttman, Shawn H Corey 17 Sep 2009
Typeglobs, constants and sub refs 11 messages Matteo Riva, Uri Guttman, Chas. Owens 17 Sep 2009
some errors in databasescript 5 messages Ruprecht Helms, Alexander Koenig, Uri Guttman 20 Sep 2009
Tucows OpenSRS Module 1 message Mike Blezien 15 Sep 2009
regex question 7 messages Gregory Machin, Uri Guttman, Tim Bowden 15 Sep 2009
Giving away my code 6 messages Shlomi Fish, David Christensen, Steve Bertrand, Tim Bowden 14 Sep 2009
text-html from file to a message body 1 message John Plum 12 Sep 2009
text html from file to a scalar and mail 6 messages John Plum, Shlomi Fish, Jenda Krynicky 13 Sep 2009
text html from file to a scalar 5 messages Steve Bertrand, John W. Krahn, John Plum 11 Sep 2009
Ternary operator 30 messages John W. Krahn, Chas. Owens, Philip Potter, Uri Guttman 15 Sep 2009
command line perldoc and Padre, the Perl IDE 2 messages Gabor Szabo, Chas. Owens 10 Sep 2009
Help Please 9 messages Jyoti, Peter Scott, Shawn H Corey, Philip Potter 10 Sep 2009
AW: Regular expression help 6 messages Chas. Owens, Dave Tang, Uri Guttman, Tariq Doukkali 26 Aug 2009
"$| = 1" ??? 19 messages Uri Guttman, Philip Potter, Chas. Owens, Bryan R Harris 11 Sep 2009
!! notation 3 messages Dermot, Chas. Owens, Shawn H Corey 9 Sep 2009
.eml parsing and downlaod 1 message perl pra 8 Sep 2009
beginner projects 8 messages Uri Guttman, Steve Bertrand, Tim Bowden, Robert H 7 Sep 2009
Regexps handle only the first number 11 messages Mishustin Alexey, Uri Guttman, Shawn H Corey, Tim Bowden 7 Sep 2009
watch folder concept in Perl 3 messages Peter Scott, Jenda Krynicky, Ganesh Babu N 7 Sep 2009
Perl projects for beginners 25 messages Gabor Szabo, Octavian Râsnita, fudmer rieley, Raymond Wan 10 Sep 2009
XS: Free memory 3 messages Uri Guttman, Paul Johnson, Patrick Dupre 9 Sep 2009
Checking subroutine inputs 3 messages Philip Potter, Chas. Owens 6 Sep 2009
Makefile.PL 1 message Patrick Dupre 5 Sep 2009
perldoc modules 3 messages Noah Garrett Wallach, Jeff Pang, Jim Gibson 4 Sep 2009
perldoc output looks strange 2 messages Noah Garrett Wallach, Dave Tang 6 Sep 2009
hash of hashes values and keys 3 messages Jim Gibson, Uri Guttman, Noah Garrett Wallach 4 Sep 2009
execute in another terminal 2 messages Jeff Pang, Bryan R Harris 4 Sep 2009
hash of hashes question 4 messages Noah Garrett Wallach, Jim Gibson, Patrick Dupre 4 Sep 2009
Re: source code for builtin functions 15 messages Shawn H. Corey, heyi xiao, Telemachus, Uri Guttman 27 Aug 2009
regexp question 6 messages Chas. Owens, Noah Garrett Wallach, John W. Krahn, Erez Schatz 5 Sep 2009
Search single scalar variable for Multiple matches 2 messages Noah Garrett Wallach, Uri Guttman 2 Sep 2009
search replace saved to a variable 5 messages Noah Garrett Wallach, Jenda Krynicky, Jim Gibson, Uri Guttman 3 Sep 2009
Perl's superior text parsing power 12 messages Chas. Owens, Uri Guttman, Dave Tang, Jenda Krynicky 2 Sep 2009
accessing chars in a string 13 messages Steve Bertrand, Chuck Crisler, Uri Guttman, Tim Bowden 2 Sep 2009
Perl6 6 messages Steve Bertrand, Shlomi Fish, Telemachus, Uri Guttman 1 Sep 2009
Re: PDF generation from a database!! 13 messages ficovh, Shlomi Fish, Dan, Dr.Ruud 1 Sep 2009

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