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adding namespace to row and column 1 message Ganesh Babu N 31 Aug 2009
"Time issues" 4 messages Chas. Owens, Jim Gibson, Tim Bowden, Ajay Kumar 31 Aug 2009
regex patern matching script 6 messages Tim Bowden, Uri Guttman, John W. Krahn 30 Aug 2009
PDF generation from a database!! 13 messages ficovh, Shlomi Fish, Dan, Dr.Ruud 31 Aug 2009
rfc 822 formated time -> to unix time 3 messages Philip Potter, Roman Makurin 29 Aug 2009
quoting meta chars in regex containing variables 3 messages Peter Daum, Chas. Owens 29 Aug 2009
Creating array variable names on the fly 6 messages ANJAN PURKAYASTHA, Steve Bertrand, Shawn H. Corey, Jenda Krynicky 28 Aug 2009
User input, <STDIN> & Ctrl-D 1 message Tim Bowden 28 Aug 2009
Exploiting the Perl 18 messages Uri Guttman, Steve Bertrand, Chas. Owens, merlyn 29 Aug 2009
CGI and persistent data (without Storable) 9 messages Steve Bertrand, Chas. Owens, Dermot, Thomas Bätzler 28 Aug 2009
source code for builtin functions 15 messages Shawn H. Corey, heyi xiao, Uri Guttman, Telemachus 27 Aug 2009
Printing a hash of hashes of arrays 5 messages Ian, Wagner, David --- Senior Programmer Analyst --- CFS, Jim Gibson, Uri Guttman 28 Aug 2009
SFTP from Perl for Windows 9 messages Ashley Cooper, Sisyphus, rkb, David Christensen 27 Aug 2009
Business::UPS upgrade 2 messages Chas. Owens, Rick Bragg 26 Aug 2009
removing a 'tee'd file handles going forward 7 messages Tony Esposito, Jenda Krynicky, Tim Bowden 26 Aug 2009
Need some explanation. 5 messages Raheel Hassan, Chas. Owens, Tim Bowden 27 Aug 2009
Self made portable Perl 1 message Panda-X 26 Aug 2009
Regular expression help 6 messages Chas. Owens, Dave Tang, Uri Guttman, Tariq Doukkali 25 Aug 2009
one liner in Windows to replace string 16 messages Wagner, David --- Senior Programmer Analyst --- CFS, Shawn H. Corey, Tony Esposito, Telemachus 24 Aug 2009
Scrolled Frame in Tkx 1 message Ken Slater 24 Aug 2009
Taint mode & user supplied file names 5 messages Tim Bowden, Rob Coops, Mark Wagner 26 Aug 2009
Trying to remove text in inverted commas. 6 messages Gregory Machin, Thomas Bätzler, Dr.Ruud, Ahmed Shabana 24 Aug 2009
Perl module Net::Oping Error 4 messages Dr.Ruud, Chas. Owens, fzz, Ajay Kumar 25 Aug 2009
How to pass info to a CGI program without using a form? 6 messages boll, David Christensen, Thomas Bätzler, Andrew Steinborn 24 Aug 2009
HTML::TreeBuilder - handle invalid html gracefully 2 messages Roman Makurin 23 Aug 2009
mod_perl: access full request, log it, etc 2 messages Bruce Ferrell, Dan 23 Aug 2009
Business::UPS should be fixed or removed. 2 messages Telemachus, Rick Bragg 23 Aug 2009
Problem with sysread() 3 messages John W. Krahn, Peter Xu 22 Aug 2009
Variable to refer to program name 7 messages Erez Schatz, pdfeeny, Steve Bertrand, asmith9983 21 Aug 2009
RE: WELCOME to 2 messages Thomas Bätzler, Ajay Kumar 21 Aug 2009
calling Jar file 2 messages lemba, Eric Veith 21 Aug 2009
Remove zero from 01, 02, etc. 10 messages Uri Guttman, Grant, Steve Bertrand, Shawn H. Corey 21 Aug 2009
Code for making the 'clock' 4 messages Chas. Owens, Tony Esposito, Peter Scott, Shawn H. Corey 20 Aug 2009
Fwd: This code is not giving the required output. 12 messages Chas. Owens, Raheel Hassan, Shlomi Fish, Jarrod Henry 19 Aug 2009
Procedural modules in an object-oriented project 10 messages Steve Bertrand, Peter Scott, Jenda Krynicky, Chas. Owens 19 Aug 2009
script to compare dates 11 messages Mihir Kamdar, Steve Bertrand, Telemachus, Shawn H. Corey 18 Aug 2009
fast installing modules 2 messages Jenn G., Thomas Bätzler 18 Aug 2009
Precedence, and the ||= op again... 6 messages Steve Bertrand, John W. Krahn, Uri Guttman 17 Aug 2009
Which blowfish? Can it run from lib in user's account? 3 messages Danjo Creations, Shlomi Fish 18 Aug 2009
Attentipn Please!! Need A Perl script to read the UIDs from two text files having the details in the format as given in the file(lLDIF format) 51 messages Raymond Wan, Steve Bertrand, Ian, Uri Guttman 21 Aug 2009
delete 20 000 records in oracle from perl 7 messages luke devon, Raymond Wan, Chas. Owens, Thomas Bätzler 17 Aug 2009
installing perl modules on 64-bit Os 2 messages perl pra, Sisyphus 15 Aug 2009
Accessing . NET Webserivices 1 message perl pra 14 Aug 2009
HTML::TreeBuilder encode symbols as html entities 3 messages Roman Makurin, Shawn H. Corey 14 Aug 2009
CPAN issues 3 messages Philip Potter, Steve Bertrand 14 Aug 2009
Coding best practices 25 messages Steve Bertrand, Shawn H. Corey, Chas. Owens, Uri Guttman 14 Aug 2009
Seeing if any element of an array is in the current line 3 messages Mazza, Glen R., Bryan Harris, Shawn H. Corey 15 Aug 2009
Improvements to 4 messages David Unthank, Offer Kaye, Shlomi Fish, Steve Fink 14 Aug 2009
generate TSIG key with perl 1 message sys adm 13 Aug 2009
IO::File close on undef behaviour? 6 messages Philip Potter, Jenda Krynicky, Telemachus, Shawn H. Corey 12 Aug 2009
[OT] To the book authors 1 message Steve Bertrand 11 Aug 2009
function calling and object calling 6 messages Chas. Owens, Jenn G., Uri Guttman 11 Aug 2009
Including config file 7 messages Martin Spinassi, Chas. Owens, Uri Guttman 11 Aug 2009
cannot import certains modules when running perl scripts from Java on Windows 1 message Thomas Evangelidis 10 Aug 2009
Perl-Tk, copy/paste context-menu for entries 7 messages Mishustin Alexey, Shawn H. Corey 9 Aug 2009
Need some advice on learning perl 10 messages Xu Peter, Shlomi Fish, Chas. Owens, Ian 11 Aug 2009
Perl-Tk, horizontal aligning 3 messages Mishustin Alexey, Shawn H. Corey 9 Aug 2009
||= operator 21 messages Noah Garrett Wallach, Chas. Owens, Shawn H. Corey, Admin 15 Aug 2009
'Join' query 7 messages jet speed, John W. Krahn, Telemachus, Dermot 7 Aug 2009
Search in LDAP using Perl 2 messages Alpesh Naik, Juan Pablo Feria Gomez 7 Aug 2009
Re: iterating over a hash to print it 17 messages Nick Brown, John W. Krahn, Patrick K Christopher TANAGER, Shawn H. Corey 11 Aug 2009
Comma operator 3 messages John W. Krahn, Bryan R Harris, Chas. Owens 6 Aug 2009
FW: two questions 7 messages Bryan R Harris, Chas. Owens, John W. Krahn, Uri Guttman 6 Aug 2009
Convert Array's into hashes 5 messages jet speed, John W. Krahn, Telemachus, Bryan Harris 6 Aug 2009
perl : time vs Yvalue line graph 2 messages Shawn H. Corey, Dennis German 5 Aug 2009
Re: Accessing windows webservices 2 messages perl pra 5 Aug 2009
two questions 12 messages Chas. Owens, John W. Krahn, sys adm, Shawn H. Corey 6 Aug 2009
Purpose of $$ in subroutine 7 messages Chas. Owens, Dave Tang, John W. Krahn, Dermot 5 Aug 2009
Re: Parsing RSS feeds 4 messages Roman Makurin, Erez Schatz, Kwame Bahena 30 Jan 2009
better readline? 11 messages Chas. Owens, Bryan R Harris, Shawn H. Corey, Bryan Harris 6 Aug 2009
Re: Automating the resetting of Power Options 3 messages Wagner, David --- Senior Programmer Analyst --- CFS, Kevin Safford 6 Aug 2009
while (<>) and wildcards on DOS/Windows 11 messages Peter Daum, Shawn H. Corey, John W. Krahn, Jenda Krynicky 10 Aug 2009
Inverting a hash safely 14 messages Ed Avis, Shawn H. Corey, Jenda Krynicky, Uri Guttman 4 Aug 2009
localtime() oddities 3 messages Roman Makurin, Shawn H. Corey 4 Aug 2009
Help on regular expression !! 6 messages jet speed, John W. Krahn 3 Aug 2009

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