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AJAX, Graphs and Perl backend 4 messages Mathew Snyder, Jay Savage, cldmismgr, Mathew 30 Jun 2007
Test::Class fixture problem 1 message Ovid 29 Jun 2007
how to get references from imbricated capturing parenthesis ? 5 messages marin, Tom Phoenix, Dr.Ruud, julien blitte 29 Jun 2007
Splitting a CSV file at a variable number 2 messages sum_duud, Chas Owens 29 Jun 2007
CPU/Memory usage of a process on Windows machine 3 messages oryann9, jeevs 29 Jun 2007
Spreadsheet IO::Scalar v. PerlIO::Scalar confusion 1 message 29 Jun 2007
pp utility 3 messages kusu, Chas Owens 29 Jun 2007
Adding a line in a file inside many directories 5 messages Ved, usenet, Tom Phoenix, John W. Krahn 29 Jun 2007
How can i make a perl program lauch another perl program that takes options 12 messages Chas Owens, Alex Jamestin,, Steve Bertrand 29 Jun 2007
exit code 6 messages Tatiana Lloret Iglesias, Martin Barth, Paul Johnson 29 Jun 2007
delete from java temporary file generated from PERL 1 message Tatiana Lloret Iglesias 29 Jun 2007
processing XL using Win32::OLE 3 messages alok nath, Prabu Ayyappan 28 Jun 2007
Formats for invoices. 4 messages Chas Owens, Tom Phoenix, Daniel Kasak, Francisco Valladolid 28 Jun 2007
Need idea for doing automatic iteration, please. 2 messages Patrik Hasibuan, Wagner, David --- Senior Programmer Analyst --- WGO 28 Jun 2007
missing curly - brain fried 4 messages Amichai Teumim, jbuburuz, Tom Phoenix, Martin Barth 28 Jun 2007
don't understand working script 3 messages Chas Owens, John W. Krahn, Amichai Teumim 28 Jun 2007
parsing a line 6 messages alok nath, Chas Owens 28 Jun 2007
More loops 5 messages Chas Owens, Jenda Krynicky, Amichai Teumim 28 Jun 2007
shuffling cards 8 messages Martin Barth, Amichai Teumim, Jeff Pang, Chas Owens 28 Jun 2007
printing content of found file 7 messages Prabu Ayyappan, John W. Krahn, Amichai Teumim, Jeff Pang 28 Jun 2007
problem printing contents of file in directory 2 messages John W. Krahn, alok nath 28 Jun 2007
Beginner needs help 4 messages Chas Owens, Ricky Zhou, Rick 27 Jun 2007
DBI, postgresql and large table 3 messages Andrej Kastrin, Chas Owens 27 Jun 2007
String Manipulation 9 messages Dharshana Eswaran, Chas Owens, Tom Phoenix, Jay Savage 28 Jun 2007
Tie::Handle::CSV 8 messages Gary Stainburn, Chas Owens, Tom Phoenix, Jay Savage 28 Jun 2007
Perl BUG? 3 messages Mihai Vlad, Tom Phoenix 27 Jun 2007
regular expressions issue 3 messages Tom Phoenix, Rob Dixon, Amichai Teumim 27 Jun 2007
retrieving multiple data from the database 3 messages Paul Lalli, Chas Owens, Alma 27 Jun 2007
Parsing a file within a jar file 5 messages Chas Owens, yitzle, Laxminarayan G Kamath A, Daniel W. Hurn 27 Jun 2007
[PERL] Net::SFTP functions 6 messages julien.laffitte, Octavian Rasnita, oryann9, rahed 30 Jun 2007
perl CBT 2 messages Paul Lalli, mani kandan 27 Jun 2007
Problem with PERL Function 2 messages Tom Phoenix, michaelzhao 26 Jun 2007
Problems Assigning Unique Values to a Hash 5 messages Chas Owens, Tom Phoenix, campbell262, perl_power 27 Jun 2007
Build module on one box and move to another box? 6 messages RICHARD FERNANDEZ, Tom Phoenix, Chas Owens, Kai von Thadden 27 Jun 2007
CPAN shell (LWP, Net::FTP) won't authenticate properly 8 messages RICHARD FERNANDEZ, Tom Phoenix, Mumia W., usenet 26 Jun 2007
erro with Select your continent 3 messages Rodrigo Tavares, Chas Owens 25 Jun 2007
What is order of retrieving the values from Hash?? 3 messages sivasakthi, Andrew Curry, Tom Phoenix 25 Jun 2007
parse help 10 messages, Chas Owens, Tom Phoenix, Bob McConnell 29 Jun 2007
Begining Web Developement with Perl (resources) 3 messages neil morrow, =?ISO-8859-2?Q?OROSZI_Bal=E1zs?=, Francisco Valladolid H. 25 Jun 2007
XML Parsing 15 messages Mike Blezien, mirod, Karjala, Prabu Ayyappan 26 Jun 2007
Inherit a database connection object 4 messages Patrik Hasibuan, Tom Phoenix 26 Jun 2007
Help parsing a CSV file 8 messages Tom Phoenix, Mihir Kamdar, Jeni Zundel, Rodrick Brown 25 Jun 2007
Conditional in regex 7 messages Jeff,, John W. Krahn, Tom Phoenix 24 Jun 2007
grep from one file and write to another 6 messages Vahid Moghaddasi, Tom Phoenix, John W. Krahn 24 Jun 2007
Compile perl into binary code for speed increase? 5 messages, Chas Owens, Tom Phoenix, howa 24 Jun 2007
setting a hidden field with WWW::Mechanize 3 messages skywriter14, Tom Phoenix 23 Jun 2007
strange unexpected deadlock 3 messages Michael Scondo, Tom Phoenix 25 Jun 2007
problem with readline 9 messages Mumia W., Mathew Snyder, Mathew, Dr.Ruud 23 Jun 2007
quoted-printable characters 4 messages Tom Allison, Dr.Ruud, Tom Phoenix 23 Jun 2007
Uninstalling a PERL module 8 messages Chas Owens, a_arya2000, Mumia W., oryann9 26 Jun 2007
How can I compare Bytes in a Binary File? 5 messages Bob McConnell, dustin.ho, Dustin Ho, Tom Phoenix 22 Jun 2007
Re: Redirecting file handler to STDOUT (SOLVED) 3 messages Ben Edwards, Paul Lalli, Chas Owens 22 Jun 2007
Count co-occurrences 5 messages Andrej Kastrin, Chas Owens,, Paul Lalli 22 Jun 2007
Database connection using cfg file 3 messages Alma, Chas Owens, Andrew Curry 22 Jun 2007
Redirecting file handler to STDOUT 3 messages Xavier Noria, Paul Lalli, Ben Edwards 22 Jun 2007
Proper class setup? 6 messages Mathew Snyder, Chas Owens, Dr.Ruud 24 Jun 2007
still working with utf8 9 messages Dr.Ruud, tom, Tom Allison, Mumia W. 24 Jun 2007
writing to file 2 messages Vahid, Yogesh Sawant 23 Jun 2007
writung to file 7 messages Vahid Moghaddasi, Chas Owens, yitzle, usenet 21 Jun 2007
Gtk2::GladeXML and TreeView 2 messages tannhauser, Daniel Kasak 21 Jun 2007
Regarding file handling 7 messages Dharshana Eswaran, Tom Phoenix, Prabu Ayyappan, Paul Lalli 21 Jun 2007
read a list of subdirectories 5 messages Luba Pardo, Steve Bertrand, John W. Krahn, Paul Lalli 21 Jun 2007
change directory help in perl 2 messages Jeff Pang, isayed 21 Jun 2007
compare two arrays 3 messages Jeff Pang, Andreas Moroder, John W. Krahn 20 Jun 2007
Re: [RESOLVED]Unable to run perl script within cron 1 message Ravi Malghan 20 Jun 2007
Unable to run perl script within cron 2 messages Tom Phoenix, Ravi Malghan 20 Jun 2007
Running scripts in the Background... 3 messages John W. Krahn, yitzle, Steve Pittman 20 Jun 2007
the Database is not updated 12 messages Chas Owens, Aruna Goke, Dr.Ruud, Paul Lalli 20 Jun 2007
add comment to the begin of a line 2 messages Tom Phoenix, Isnard Delacoste Jaquet Junior 20 Jun 2007
parse mime email 4 messages Tom Allison, Tom Phoenix, TONY MARQUIS, Tony marquis 20 Jun 2007
Problems with arrays 6 messages Prabu Ayyappan,, Andrew Curry 21 Jun 2007
Trouble installing with CPAN 4 messages yitzle, Mumia W., Tom Phoenix 20 Jun 2007
Reading a particular line from a file 6 messages Ken Foskey, Andrew Curry, Paul Lalli, alok.nath 20 Jun 2007
Alternatives to highly nested hashes 7 messages Rob Dixon, Mathew Snyder, Mumia W., Brad Baxter 21 Jun 2007
Set time period for a statement to execute 3 messages anand kumar, Mumia W. 20 Jun 2007

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