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RE: Sorting hash "values"

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Wagner, David --- Senior Programmer Analyst --- WGO
December 30, 2002 20:55
RE: Sorting hash "values"
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	I takes the keys from the %hash and uses them to compare the the
data within the hash and since it is $b vs $a and not $a vs $b it is in
descending vs ascending sequence. For each key in %hash it then gets
assigned to key and you now have the key and data sored by value of the hash
and not the key.

Wags ;)

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From: Rajendra Babu, Praveen
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2002 16:29
To: 'Mark Anderson';
Subject: RE: Sorting hash "values"

Hello /\/\ark,
     Thanks for your reply. The below code does exactly what I wanted to do
and guess where did I get it ?! - perldoc -f sort !!!
%hash = (
         "h" => 100,
         "a" => 200,
         "z" => 50,
         "b" => 600
foreach $key ( sort { $hash{$b} <=> $hash{$a} } keys %hash  )
  print "The key is $key \t";
  print $hash{$key}, "\n";

 But I can't really get the way the below statement works, esp. the using of
subroutine by "sort" function:
"foreach $key ( sort { $hash{$b} <=> $hash{$a} } keys %hash  )"

Can someone please explain ???


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From: Mark Anderson []
Sent: Tuesday, 31 December 2002 10:23 AM
To: Rajendra Babu, Praveen;
Subject: RE: Sorting hash "values"

It helps to answer your question if you show us what you've already done,
and tell us what you know...

perldoc -f keys
perldoc -f sort


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From: Rajendra Babu, Praveen
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2002 3:16 PM
To: ''
Subject: Sorting hash "values"

%hash = (
         "h" => 100,
         "a" => 200,
         "z" => 50,
         "b" => 600

For the above %hash, I want to sort them by "values"(rather than keys) and
print-out the sorted key-value pair. Can it be done ??
The output needs to look like the below:

b  600
a  200
h  100
z  50

  Your esteemed ideas/suggestions please.......

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See top of message (if you haven't already) for pointers to relevant

for my $key (sort {$hash{$b} <=> $hash{$a}} keys %hash) {print

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