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postcode regex problem - again.

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Gary Stainburn
December 18, 2002 07:43
postcode regex problem - again.
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Hi folks. 

I'm trying to locate the UK postcode located somewhere inside an address, 
extract it, and place it in a specific position.  The data file I'm 
processing is generated by a COBOL file and is fixed-length format text.

I've almost got it, but as you can see from the output, it's not quite right. 
The split's happening after the first letter not before it.

The postcode is of the format XX99 9XX where the space is optional and the 
first 'XX' and the '99' may be single character. The 9XX is always 1 digit 
followed by 2 letters.

e.g. WF10 5QQ, M5 5QQ, 
TT$  pcoderun <slexport.txt 2>&1 >slexport.gps|head
in='                    LS8 5QP','' out='                    L','S8 5QP'
in='                    LS9 8HE','' out='                    L','S9 8HE'
in='                    LS28 6QW','' out='                    L','S28 6QW'
in='                    LS28 7UH','' out='                    L','S28 7UH'
in='CO DURHAM           DL1 2BL','' out='CO DURHAM           D','L1 2BL'
in='                    LS11 7NW','' out='                    L','S11 7NW'
in='                    BS2 0EQ','' out='                    B','S2 0EQ'
in='LEEDS,              LS12 6BN','' out='LEEDS,              L','S12 6BN'
in='                    LS11 0DS.','' out='                    L','S11 0DS'
in='PRESTON,            PR5 8AT.','' out='PRESTON,            P','R5 8AT'
TT$cat pcoderun
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

my $template="A40A30A30A30A30A10A9"; # matches COBOL file descripter
while(<STDIN>) {
  my ($head,$addr1,$addr2,$addr3,$addr4,$pcode,$rest)=unpack($template,$_);
  if ($addr4) {
  } elsif ($addr3) {
  } elsif ($addr2) {
  print pack($template,$head,$addr1,$addr2,$addr3,$addr4,$pcode,$rest),"\n";

sub splitit {
  my ($line,$pcode)=@_;
  if ($$line=~/^(.*)(\D{1,2}\d{1,2}\s{0,1}\d\D{2})\s*/) {
    print STDERR "in='$$line','$$pcode' out='$1','$2'\n";

Gary Stainburn
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