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RE: GoryDetails on: error log message

Mat Harrison
April 27, 2002 07:43
RE: GoryDetails on: error log message
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i have recently found out that for some reason no cgi scripts will run on my
web host. i have got the support desk onto this and they are having a hard
time finding the problem which is somewhere in apache.

thanks for all your help but i think i can leave it to my *NIX tech admin


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From: drieux []
Sent: Saturday, April 27, 2002 3:27 PM
Subject: Re: GoryDetails on: error log message

On Saturday, April 27, 2002, at 03:08 , Mat Harrison wrote:

> right, i am back. Let me define this 'one':
> The script returns the output i mentioned in the last most on both servers
> when execute as follows:
> #perl check2.cgi
> but only my local development webserver allows it to run via a web
> browser.
> it does not work via a web browser if i execute it on my web host.

now lets move along and make sure that it will execute on it's own,
not as the 'input text file' to perl but as


this will mean that the file is at least executable by you. I
prefer to put them up as chmod 755 - this way they can be
owned by nobody:daemon - and I can still run them as a
member of another group....

[jeeves:~/perl/CGI-Beg] drieux% ls -l sill*
-rwxr-xr-x  1 drieux  house  252 Apr 26 09:32 sillyRedirect.cgi
[jeeves:~/perl/CGI-Beg] drieux%

Then we evolve into the second round of the questions - namely
the differences between your 'local development webserver' and
the 'webserver' on the 'web host'.

what worries me here is that your 'development environment' is
allowing 'text' to be 'run' - rather than requiring that it be
an executable file.....

[jeeves:~/perl/CGI-Beg] drieux% ls -l fork*
-rw-r--r--  1 drieux  house  736 Apr 26 09:53
[jeeves:~/perl/CGI-Beg] drieux%

that code will work with the


but not with


Hence if your development system is 'rigged' to do some sort
of 'read the file extension' and pass the text to the appropriate
interpreter - then it is masking the permission problem....

The next problem of course is that yourJackBootedFascistWebAdmin
has disabled 'cgi' from 'user accounts' - and hence will require
that you install it in the canononical cgi-bin....

but first things first.



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