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RE: Re: parsing a block

March 30, 2002 18:29
RE: Re: parsing a block
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The code generates the following error message:
Missing $ on loop variable at line 17
which is the line that starts with
foreach my $line (split /\n/) {


"Jonathan E. Paton" <> wrote:

>> I want to be able to split data by using END delimiter but this didn't work! Here what I tried:
>> # to split lines by END delimiter
>> while ($line =<INPUT>) {
>>     @mylineBlock = split/END\n/, $line;
>> }
>Yay, your file format is $\ compatible, which is the input record separator.
>local $/ = "END\n";
>while (<INPUT>) {
>    #Do something with record.  e.g.
>    foreach my $line (split /\n/) {
>        foreach my $field (split /,/) {
>            # Do something with data.
>        }
>    }
>There is alternatives to doing this, depending on what exactly you require from this.  The
>disadvantage of this approach is the blocksize... if you have TONS of data between the END tokens
>it will take an equal amount of memory to store it.  Rarely is that a problem in non-production
>Jonathan Paton
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