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Re: nice, perl, fork and exec

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Jonathan E. Paton
March 19, 2002 10:28
Re: nice, perl, fork and exec
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> If I run a perl script with nice, (in Unix
> it reprioritizes the process), and fork in
> perl and run an exec "command" with the
> child, does the nice priority apply to 
> he child process also? and what about the
> exec of the child process does it apply
> there too?


Whenever you launch a child process, the child
has the same permissions as the parent had/has.

For fork:

I know, that on Linux for the first time through
the child shares the same timeslot with its
parent.  I don't know, however, if that also
applies to the next timeslots - it may be
platform dependent.

For exec:

The process information (e.g. timeslot) applies
as it did to the original.

> While we are on the subject, what about system()
> and/or `` (backticks)?

system/`` creates a child process which Perl
carefully arranges behind the scenes.  Perl blocks
on these anyway whilst waiting for data, so you
are unlikely to need to worry too much here.

> man nice didn't give me any information about
> child processes.

man evil ;-)

> This is probably a perlcore developer type
> question huh?

Not really, Perl implements stuff pretty much
the way the C people do - who use libraries
that show much of Unix's nasty guts in the APIs

>  Or more likely a unix admin type question?


> If so anyone know of a good unix mail list?

Have a wonder around:

you may find something on this topic, if all
else fails look for the glibc book (older book)
which has the C interface for fork/exec etc.

Of course, you can check (and I recommend you
do :) that I'm correct by doing something like:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
exec 'perl SLEEP' unless @ARGV;
sleep 120; # Sleep 2 minutes

and starting it off with nice, then use ps.

Jonathan Paton

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