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Write statement ?

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Grant $ Sandra Hansen
March 1, 2002 04:15
Write statement ?
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The problem lies in the second loop.  Each time through the loop I am
writing to a separate file, which appears to be working, the body of the
report is in each file.  The header is what I am having problems with. I
want to change the page length so the header appears at the top of each file
instead of after every 60 lines.  I calculate the length and add 5 and then
pass it to the format OUT_TOP using $total.  The page length does change
because the header prints many many more times, but not like it is suppose
to.  I was thinking maybe I need to write the header out separately, or
maybe I need to move the write statement outside of its current loop.  I
will play with that this  morning.

Also, at the top of each file I have a number where the
$= = $total is in my code.  Any idea what that means?

thanks for your time and any help greatly appreciated.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;         #uses strict perl coding rule

use constant PATH => "/hansen/perl/mtm/";
use constant GROUPS => "group_files.txt";
use constant GROUPS1 => "groups.txt";
use constant ACCESS => "user_access_all.txt";

my ($user, $fname, $lname, $line, $count, $total);
#delcares private variables

open F_GROUPS, PATH.GROUPS    or die "Can't open:  $!";

while (<F_GROUPS>) {
    chomp(my @field = split /:/);               #Puts group_files.txt into
an array

    open OUT, ">$field[1]"  or die "Can't open:  $!";
    open F_ACCESS, PATH.ACCESS    or die "Can't open: $!";

    $count = 0;
    while (<F_ACCESS>) {
    chomp(my @line = split /:/);            #Puts
user_access_all.txt into an
    if (/^:$field[0]/) {       #
        ++$count;                         #Calculates page length and adds 5
to accomodate header
        $total = $count + 5;
        $user = $line[1];
        $fname = $line[2];
        $lname = $line[3];
        write OUT if (/^:$field[0]/);           #Writes each line to it
pertinent file each time through the .
    }print "$field[0] $total \n";                   #for testing purposes


  close OUT                   or die "Can't close:  $!";
    close F_ACCESS              or die "Can't close: $!";
    close F_GROUPS              or die "Can't close: $!";

    #qx(/usr/local/bin/mpack -s MTM $field[1] $field[2]);

    #unlink glob "/usr/local/scripts/security/sybase/user/*.txt";

format OUT_TOP =
$= = $total
                    MTM Access By Dept

Security Group      First Name           Last Name
--------------      ----------           ----------

format OUT =
$fname,                                 $lname

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any chance you could post part of your code?

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Subject: Write statement ?

Does the write statement call the format statement each
time it writes when used in a while loop or does it
only call it once and hold it in memory?  What I am
trying to do is change the page length each time the
write statement writes to a file, but it does not
appear to be working quite right.

Any thoughts?

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