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question output hash values

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Keith A. Calaman
February 26, 2002 16:03
question output hash values
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I am trying to read in a data file, sort it by a particular column and then
output the results column by column to an HTML document.  I have the below
code which is only printing out my first record.  Can someone try and point
me in the right direction where I can get it sorted and then output the
contents something like $value[1] $value[2] so I can work with each column
independantly.  If this doesn't make any sense please let me know I have
been spinning to get this accomplished and can figure out how to get it to
work.  Thanks.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use diagnostics;
use CGI;
use CGI::Carp qw/fatalsToBrowser/;

#declare form variables
my $query = CGI->new();
my $title = $query->param('title');
my $source = $query->param('source');
my $sourceurl = $query->param('sourceurl');
my $newsurl = $query->param('newsurl');
my $year = $query->param('year');
my $action= $query->param('action');
my $month = $query->param('month');
my $day = $query->param('day');
my $date = join('/', $month,$day,$year);
my $key = $query->param('key');
$db_key = time;
$dbfile ="post.txt";

open(DB,"$dbfile") or die "can't $dbfile: $!\n";

my @entry = <DB>;

for(@entry){my @fields=split/\|/;

my $v=$fields[0];

splice @fields,0,1;

map{$key{$v}.=" ". $_}@fields};

reverse sort keys %key;

foreach $key (reverse sort keys %key) {
    $value = $key{$key};
    # do something with $key and $value

 $see .= qq|  $value[1]\n|;

close DB;

close DB;

print <<EndOfHTML;




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