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Re: socket help, last time i promise ;)

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walter valenti
February 6, 2002 06:13
Re: socket help, last time i promise ;)
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Scott L Ryan wrote:

>I want to display a message when a client connects to the server.
>right now, I cannot seem to display that message until I have received
>something from the client and I want to display it before the client
>sends anything. puzzling..
>use Socket;
>if (!@ARGV) {
>print "Script cannot be called with no Port Number.... doh!\n";
>} else {
>$server_port = $ARGV[0];
>socket(SERVER, PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, getprotobyname('tcp'));
>$my_addr = sockaddr_in($server_port, INADDR_ANY);
>bind(SERVER, $my_addr) or die "couldnt bind";
>listen(SERVER, SOMAXCONN) or die "cant listen";
>while (accept(CLIENT, SERVER)) {
$|=1; ### to force fflush() system

>print "msg>";
>$input = <CLIENT>;
>chomp $input;
>chop $input;
>open (OUTSTUFF, "checked");
>@responses = <OUTSTUFF>;
>close OUTSTUFF;
>#chomp @responses;
>print @responses
>#print OUTSTUFF $input;
>#close OUTSTUFF;
>sub breakshit() {
>($junk, $info) = split(/:/,$input);
>@input_values = split(/&/,$info);
>foreach $value (@input_values){
>($key, $value) = split(/=/,$value);
>$ldapargs{$key} = $value;
>$script = $ldapargs{type};
>if ($script eq "overall_status") {
>system("/usr/local/bin/onenet/OTN/ $ldapargs{uid}
>} elsif ($script eq "dialin_create") {
>system("/usr/local/bin/onenet/OTN/ $ldapargs{uid}
>$ldapargs{password} $l
>dapargs{group} ldapargs{consult}");
>} elsif ($script eq "dialin_changegroup") {
>system("/usr/local/bin/onenet/OTN/ $ldapargs{uid}
>Scott L Ryan
>OneTel.Net ISP Engineer

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