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Re: it is bad?

Jonathan E. Paton
January 31, 2002 08:52
Re: it is bad?
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| sub add_module
| {
|  my($tempposition,$name,@variables) = @_;
|  my $mdl_output;
|  do "$name.mdl";
|  if ($mdl_output=&ModulAdd(@variables))
|  {
|  }
|  undef &ModulAdd;
|  my $length=length($mdl_output);
| }

Indentation should be improved, although I'll only
demonstrate my preferences for 2/4 spaces per indent plus
some other preferences.

Copious commenting is useful, especially since I cannot
tell what you are trying to achieve just from this little
snippet.  At a bare minimum, you should be able to
understand each module you create SEPERATE from any others.
 If you (or a workmate) cannot, you need to comment more.

sub add_module {
    my ($tempposition, $name, @variables) = @_;

    # Comment here please
    my $mdl_output = ModulAdd(@variables);

    # Comment here please
    if ($mdl_output) {
        $html_write{$tempposition} =

    # What if we fail to get that?  Should we be doing
    else {
        # If blank, leave out the else {}

    # This is quite unusual... and need commented or
    undef &ModulAdd;

    # Wasted
    my $length=length($mdl_output);

Jonathan Paton

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