About this site

This site is a bit of Perl code using Net::NNTP to connect to the colobus server which uses the ezmlm archives as the "news spool".

Archive Policy


  Docker container (site now runs in kubernetes)

  Fix, maybe, charset issues. Encoding is hard.

  Fix Message-ID links (thanks Aristotle Pagaltzis)
  Require a captcha to browse cpan-testers
  Various performance improvements

  RSS and Atom feeds
  Link by msgid

2006 October
  All new code! :-)

  Proper threading and navigation - finally!

  Lots of bugs fixed

  If you go to a too high article number you get redirected to the
  latest articles instead of getting a 404.

  Quoted text now comes in a slight gray greenish color. Different anyway.

  When finding a message by msgid the Next and Previous buttons now
  still works. (requires support of the xpath command in the news
  server; I have a patch for colobus that adds that).

  Email addresses from the headers are being slightly mangled now.  

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