perl.macperl.announce ... Copyright 1998-2017 Mon, 26 Jun 2017 20:45:55 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1r2 Released by Chris Nandor The long-awaited sequel to the trilogy that started about a year ago has<br/>arrived.<br/><br/>MacPerl 5.6.1r2 is available for download now.<br/><br/>If you have the web installer, simply run it again, this time clicking<br/>&quot;Update&quot;. The new web installer will be downloaded, which will then<br/>fetch only the updated files to install.<br/><br/>==========<br/><br/>MacPerl 5.6.1r2 is based on the most recent release of perl, version 5.6.1,<br/>plus whatever maintenance patches have been applied to 5.6.1 since its<br/>release. MacPerl 5.6.1r2 uses the latest release of GUSI, 2.2.3.<br/><br/>So what else has changed since 5.6.1r1?<br/><br/>* Fixes for signal handling (Axel Rose, Morbus Iff, et al)<br/>* Fixes for running scripts on startup (Alex Harper, et al)<br/>* Fixes for calling AppleScript/backticks<br/>* Added initial support for Mac OS X with some of the toolbox extensions<br/> (doesn&#39;t affect MacPerl directly), added Mac::Carbon frontend module<br/>* Added more support for Mac::Glue in Classic under Mac OS X<br/>* Added ChooseFSObject and GetFolder to Mac::StandardFile (Thomas Wegner)<br/>* Mac::OSA::Simple saves compiled scripts with script context (Bart Lateur)<br/>* Make popup menus work in Mac::Dialogs (yay!)<br/>* Make focus of first item in Mac::Windows work<br/>* MacPerl / Shuck properly encode URLs passed between them, to work<br/> in Classic under Mac OS X 10.2<br/>* Major Shuck update, including a Section menu and printing support<br/>* Various GUSI fixes<br/>* Various other bugfixes<br/><br/>For complete details of the changes, see the macperldelta and Changes<br/>documents, included with MacPerl.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>To get MacPerl, download either the web installer or the full installer<br/>(preferably the web installer) and run it. It can be fetched<br/>, as well as from CPAN.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>Note that the CPAN sites might take a day or two to update. For more<br/>information about downloading and installing, see the README.<br/><br/><br/><br/>For more information on development, including bug reporting and source,<br/>see the MacPerl Development Site.<br/><br/><br/><br/>For the MacPerl mailing lists, see the Perl Lists site.<br/><br/><br/><br/>Thanks to Matthias Neeracher for his help fixing some tough bugs, and<br/>updating GUSI; thanks to Thomas Wegner for his patches and work on<br/>Shuck; thanks to all who helped report and track down various bugs.<br/><br/>Thanks, and have fun,<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Wed, 04 Dec 2002 12:42:06 +0000 Mac::Carbon 0.01 Released by Chris Nandor Mac::Carbon is a Carbon/Mac OS X port of the Mac:: modules included with<br/>MacPerl. It&#39;s in development, but a lot of it works, and it is<br/>available, on the CPAN (soon) and on (now).<br/><br/>;release_id=122065<br/><br/>To discuss Mac::Carbon, check out the macosx@perl mailing list.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>NAME<br/> README - Carbon API for perl on Mac OS X<br/><br/>SYNOPSIS<br/> This is not release-quality software. It is still in development,<br/> and not recommend for use in a production environment.<br/><br/> Mac::Carbon is a collection of perl modules for accessing the Carbon<br/> API under Mac OS X. It is a port of the Toolbox modules written by<br/> Matthias Neeracher for MacPerl.<br/><br/> Part of the current strategy is to make Mac::Carbon the intersection<br/> of the old and new Mac OS APIs. We will not be adding new function-<br/> ality from Carbon, except as needed, for now. This may change over<br/> time as Mac::Carbon stabilizes.<br/><br/> See the documentation in the Mac::Carbon manpage for more<br/> implementation details, bugs, etc.<br/><br/>HELP ME<br/> There are probably a lot of bugs, especially in Carbon.h. Bugs are<br/> listed in the section on &quot;Known Bugs&quot; in the Mac::Carbon manpage;<br/> please feel free to report them on the MacPerl bug reporting page,<br/> in the &quot;Mac Toolbox&quot; category. Patches are welcome, too, of course.<br/> For large patches, such as stuff for test suites and building,<br/> please do coordinate with me before spending much time on it.<br/><br/><br/><br/>REQUIREMENTS<br/> Mac OS<br/><br/> These modules all build under Mac OS, but it is recommended you build<br/> them as a part of MacPerl itself, or at least under the MacPerl<br/> source. See for more information.<br/><br/> Under Mac OS, the full Mac OS API is available, not just the<br/> Carbon-compatible routines.<br/><br/> Mac OS X<br/><br/> To build these modules on Mac OS X, the Developer Tools are required.<br/><br/> The Test::More module is required for running tests.<br/><br/> The separate Mac::Errors module is not required, but is highly<br/> recommended.<br/><br/> These modules have only been tested with perl 5.6.0 on Mac OS X. See<br/> the note in the BUILDING manpage.<br/><br/> The modules will compile and test remotely (such as via ssh, instead<br/> of via the Terminal), but some of the tests might not run properly,<br/> and one of the tests (for Mac::Notification) wants user feedback<br/> (though will work without it).<br/><br/>BUILDING<br/> Matthias added some extensions to XS for his Toolbox modules; they<br/> were never fully embraced by p5p, and as a result, we have a<br/> separate xsubpp for these additional XS macros. There is currently<br/> no resolution to this problem. Either we write a pre-preprocessor<br/> that converts the .xs files to be able to be handled by perl&#39;s<br/> xsubpp, or we modify the .xs so that it can be handled by perl&#39;s<br/> xsubpp, or we distribute a separate xsubpp (which is dangerous, as<br/> xsubpp changes with versions of perl).<br/><br/> Currently, Mac::Carbon is distributed with the already-processed .c<br/> files. If you really want to compile with the .xs files, you can use<br/> the xsubpp programs (either the 5.6 or 5.8 versions) included in the<br/> distribution. This is only temporary, until we have a permanent<br/> resolution to these issues.<br/><br/> You might want to run the test suite with `make test TEST_VERBOSE=1&#39;.<br/> It&#39;s cool.<br/><br/>SUPPORTED MODULES<br/> Currently, only a subset of the modules are supported. The ported<br/> modules are:<br/><br/> Mac::Components<br/> Mac::Files<br/> Mac::Gestalt<br/> Mac::Memory<br/> Mac::MoreFiles<br/> Mac::Notification<br/> Mac::Processes<br/> Mac::Resources<br/> Mac::Sound<br/> Mac::Speech<br/> Mac::Types<br/><br/> Coming next, hopefully:<br/><br/> Mac::AppleEvents<br/> Mac::OSA<br/><br/> Mac::AppleEvents is going to take more work than the others, as it<br/> involves some significant API changes.<br/><br/> Following those, the pure-perl modules, which should not take much<br/> work, as long as the core XS modules they rely on are working:<br/><br/> Mac::AppleEvents::Simple<br/> Mac::OSA::Simple<br/> Mac::Glue<br/><br/> And, possibly:<br/><br/> Mac::InternetConfig<br/> Mac::SpeechRecognition<br/><br/> There are currently no plans for the other (GUI) modules, including:<br/><br/> Mac::Controls<br/> Mac::Dialogs<br/> Mac::Events<br/> Mac::Fonts<br/> Mac::Lists<br/> Mac::Menus<br/> Mac::Movies<br/> Mac::Navigation<br/> Mac::QDOffScreen<br/> Mac::QuickDraw<br/> Mac::QuickTimeVR<br/> Mac::TextEdit<br/> Mac::Windows<br/><br/> We could do these eventually, if there is enough interest. They don&#39;t<br/> port as easily as some of the others, for many reasons, not the<br/> least of which is that we need a framework to handle events etc.,<br/> which for MacPerl is mostly implemented in macish.c / macish.h.<br/><br/>AUTHOR<br/> The Mac Toolbox modules were written by Matthias Neeracher<br/> &lt;;. They are currently maintained by Chris Nandor<br/> &lt;;.<br/><br/>VERSION<br/> $Id: README,v 1.1 2002/11/13 02:04:50 pudge Exp $<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Tue, 12 Nov 2002 21:21:16 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1 Released by Chris Nandor It&#39;s been over four years since a new MacPerl has been released, and it has<br/>been at least five years since MacPerl has been updated to the latest perl<br/>source (at the time, perl 5.004).<br/><br/>So today, we reset the counter with MacPerl 5.6.1r1.<br/><br/>It is based on the most recent release of perl, version 5.6.1. It is<br/>updated to the latest version of GUSI (the library that provides sockets<br/>and POSIX to MacPerl), supplying faster network access and more functions.<br/><br/>All of the changes to the perl core required for MacPerl have been fed back<br/>into the main perl source repository, in both the 5.6 branch and the<br/>current 5.7/5.8 development trunk. So when perl 5.8 is released, MacPerl<br/>will compile from those sources.<br/><br/>So what else has changed?<br/><br/>* MacPerl can now be built entirely using freely available software<br/>* Many more modules included, such as Mac::Glue, all of cpan-mac<br/> (Compress::Zlib, Archive::Tar, etc.) for installing modules, Storable,<br/> Time::HiRes, and more<br/>* New and improved installer that only downloads and updates the pieces<br/> needed for the specific installation<br/>* Many bugs fixed<br/>* New Shuck: faster, more reliable, more configurable, updated look,<br/> updated parsing<br/><br/>For complete details of the changes, including incompatible changes, see<br/>the macperldelta document, included with MacPerl.<br/><br/><br/><br/>To get MacPerl, download either the web installer or the full installer<br/>(preferably the web installer) and run it. It can be fetched<br/>, as well as from CPAN.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>Note that the CPAN sites might take a day or two to update. For more<br/>information about downloading and installing, see the README.<br/><br/><br/><br/>For more information on development, including bug reporting and source,<br/>see the MacPerl Development Site.<br/><br/><br/><br/>For the MacPerl mailing lists, see the Perl Lists site.<br/><br/><br/><br/>MacPerl 5.6.1r1 is the result of well over a year of development. Matthias<br/>Neeracher, the author of MacPerl has produced much of the code, including<br/>GUSI. Thomas Wegner added a great many patches, including the overhaul of<br/>Shuck. Gurusamy Sarathy and Jarkko Hietaniemi helped integrate the MacPerl<br/>with the perl 5.6 and perl 5.8 sources, as well as fixed various bugs and<br/>portability issues. Many other people helped in many other ways as well.<br/><br/>Thanks, and have fun,<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Sun, 10 Mar 2002 21:04:14 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1b4 Released by Chris Nandor MacPerl 5.6.1b4 is released. It is a release candidate. If all goes well,<br/>MacPerl 5.6.1r1 will be released within the next few weeks.<br/><br/>To discuss the release, please join (general discussion) or<br/> (development discussion) at<br/><br/>There are two installation choices: the web installer and the full installer.<br/>The full installer has all the pieces in the binary already, including all the<br/>source. The web installer will go out to the download site online and fetch<br/>just the pieces you need. Please use the web installer if you can, and let me<br/>know how your impressions of the system.<br/><br/>If you&#39;ve downloaded MacPerl 5.6.1b2 or later already, you can use the<br/>installer you already have (either the full or web, both will work). You<br/>don&#39;t need to<br/>download a new one. Ask the installer to &quot;Update&quot; to get the new data when it<br/>says it is ready to install. The installer will download the new catalog and<br/>restart itself. Then it will download only the pieces it doesn&#39;t already have.<br/>So it won&#39;t re-download all the module files that haven&#39;t changed, only the<br/>application and other support files that have been modified.<br/><br/>NOTE: This won&#39;t work with 5.6.1b1. Please download the new installer and move<br/>or delete 5.6.1b1 before installing if that&#39;s what you&#39;re upgrading from.<br/><br/>All downloads and data and information and everything else are available from<br/>the MacPerl Development site:<br/><br/><br/><br/>You can use my PGP key for verifying the distribution:<br/><br/><br/><br/>Go Pats,<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Thu, 07 Feb 2002 19:39:00 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1b3 Released by Chris Nandor MacPerl 5.6.1b3 is released.<br/><br/>[I hope that there is only one more beta release after this one.]<br/><br/>To discuss the release, please join (general discussion) or<br/> (development discussion) at<br/><br/>There are two installation choices: the web installer and the full installer.<br/>The full installer has all the pieces in the binary already, including all the<br/>source. The web installer will go out to the download site online and fetch<br/>just the pieces you need. Please use the web installer if you can, and let me<br/>know how your impressions of the system.<br/><br/>If you&#39;ve downloaded MacPerl 5.6.1b2 already, you can use the installer you<br/>already have (either the full or web, both will work). You don&#39;t need to<br/>download a new one. Ask the installer to &quot;Update&quot; to get the new data when it<br/>says it is ready to install. The installer will download the new catalog and<br/>restart itself. Then it will download only the pieces it doesn&#39;t already have.<br/>So it won&#39;t re-download all the module files that haven&#39;t changed, only the<br/>application and other support files that have been modified.<br/><br/>Neat, huh? Of course, it hurts our download stats, but oh well.<br/><br/>NOTE: This won&#39;t work with 5.6.1b1. Please download the new installer and move<br/>or delete 5.6.1b1 before installing if that&#39;s what you&#39;re upgrading from.<br/><br/>All downloads and data and information and everything else are available from<br/>the MacPerl Development site:<br/><br/><br/><br/>You can use my PGP key for verifying the distribution:<br/><br/><br/><br/>Happy New Year,<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Tue, 08 Jan 2002 06:09:44 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1b2 Released by Chris Nandor MacPerl 5.6.1b2 is released.<br/><br/>To discuss the release, please join (general<br/>discussion) or (development discussion) at<br/><br/><br/>There are two installation choices: the web installer and the full<br/>installer. The full installer has all the pieces in the binary already,<br/>including all the source. The web installer will go out to the download<br/>site online and fetch just the pieces you need. Please use the web<br/>installer if you can, and let me know how your impressions of the<br/>system.<br/><br/>For the web installer, do NOT select any of the &quot;CPAN&quot; download locations<br/>yet. They won&#39;t work until the files propogate around the CPAN. Just use<br/>&quot;MacPerl Development Site&quot;.<br/><br/>NOTE: If you installed MacPerl 5.6.1b1, you must NOT install 5.6.1b2<br/>over it. Please move or delete 5.6.1b1 before installing. In the<br/>future, you should be able to install over the existing installation.<br/><br/>All downloads and data and information and everything else are available<br/>from the MacPerl Development site:<br/><br/><br/><br/>You can use my PGP key for verifying the distribution:<br/><br/><br/><br/>Enjoy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving,<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Wed, 21 Nov 2001 15:12:39 +0000 MacPerl Goes Beta by Chris Nandor MacPerl 5.6.1 is now in beta. And there is much rejoicing.<br/><br/> &quot;Lord General, I really must protest! You cannot expect us to sit<br/> on these greasy, smelly blankets. I demand that you find us either<br/> higher chairs or a lower table best becoming a Graagryk halfling&#39;s<br/> dignity!&quot;<br/><br/> Ashnak looked down at Cornelius Scroop. The halfling from the<br/> southern city of Graagryk wore a full-length fur gown, upon which<br/> rested his S-linked gold chain of office, and a velvet cap on his<br/> long, barbered red curls.<br/><br/> &quot;Those are marine-issue blankets, Chancellor Cornelius, and<br/> marines get nothing but the best.&quot;<br/><br/> &quot;They&#39;re *dirty*!&quot;<br/><br/> &quot;Oh, I wouldn&#39;t say that. Unwashed, perhaps. Oh, you mean the<br/> *blankets*.&quot;<br/><br/> -- Book 2, Chapter 10, Grunts!, by Mary Gentle<br/><br/>Thanks to everyone who has helped get us this far. There&#39;s still a long<br/>way to go, of course. Please download and use and test the release, and<br/>report bugs to<br/><br/>To discuss the release, please join (general discussion)<br/>or (development discussion) at<br/><br/><br/>There are two installation choices: the web installer and the full<br/>installer. The full installer has all the pieces in the binary already,<br/>including all the source. The web installer will go out to the download<br/>site online and fetch just the pieces it needs. Please use the web<br/>installer if you can, and let me know how your impressions of the system.<br/><br/>Also, if you want to use Mac::Glue, you can use the glues from previous<br/>versions of MacPerl, or you can just run &quot;gluedialect&quot; and then<br/>&quot;gluescriptadds&quot;, and then drop any application (including the Finder) that<br/>you wish to script onto &quot;gluemac&quot;. All the modules needed for Mac::Glue<br/>are included.<br/><br/>All downloads and data and information and everything else are available<br/>from the MacPerl Development site:<br/><br/><br/><br/>You can use my PGP key for verifying the distribution:<br/><br/><br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>-- Chris<br/><br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12331] By: pudge on 2001/10/03 19:30:48<br/> Log: Update various resources for credits,<br/> minor icons fixes, and versions.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/MPVersion.r macos/Perl.r macos/macperl/MPDroplet.r<br/> ! macos/macperl/MPExtension.rsrc macos/macperl/MPSave.c<br/> ! macos/macperl/MacPerl.r macos/macperl/MacPerl.rsrc<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12330] By: pudge on 2001/10/03 19:17:25<br/> Log: Quiet the warnings about using undef value<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! lib/File/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12329] By: pudge on 2001/10/03 19:14:59<br/> Log: Fix up Ballon Help and Help menu docs (first pass);<br/> remove balloon rez file, and autogenerate with<br/> Balloon2Rez instead.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> + macos/macperl/macscripts/Balloon2Rez<br/> - macos/macperl/MPBalloons.r<br/> ! macos/macperl/MPBalloons.ball macos/macperl/MacPerl.podhelp<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12328] By: pudge on 2001/10/03 19:11:15<br/> Log: Allow overriding of defaults, for change #12327.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! perl.h<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12327] By: pudge on 2001/10/03 19:10:26<br/> Log: Override PerlProc_exit.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/macish.h<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12326] By: pudge on 2001/10/03 19:08:28<br/> Log: Add in new macos/ modules, fix up BuildTools and Makefile.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/MD5/md5.t macos/lib/Mac/AETE/<br/> + macos/lib/Mac/AETE/<br/> + macos/lib/Mac/AETE/Format/<br/> + macos/lib/Mac/AETE/Format/<br/> + macos/lib/Mac/AETE/Format/ macos/lib/Mac/AETE/<br/> + macos/lib/Mac/ macos/lib/Mac/OSA/<br/> + macos/lib/Mac/Toolbox.pod<br/> ! macos/ macos/lib/Mac/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12325] By: pudge on 2001/10/03 18:51:28<br/> Log: Sync up silly CVS headers ... I should commit CVS<br/> first to avoid this ...<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/config.h macos/ext/Mac/ExtUtils/MakeToolboxModule<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Fonts/Fonts.xs macos/ext/MacPerl/MacPerl.xs<br/> ! macos/macperl/MPEditor.c macos/macperl/MPGlobals.h<br/> ! macos/macperl/MPScript.c macos/macperl/MPUtils.c<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12324] By: pudge on 2001/10/03 18:44:09<br/> Log: Fix Matthias&#39; address, and attributions.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! AUTHORS README.macos ext/DynaLoader/dl_mac.xs perl.c<br/> ! pod/perlport.pod<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12323] By: pudge on 2001/10/03 18:42:37<br/> Log: Fix Matthias&#39; address, and attributions.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/config.h macos/ext/Mac/AppleEvents/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Components/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Controls/ macos/ext/Mac/DCon/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Dialogs/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Events/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/ExtUtils/MakeToolboxModule<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Files/ macos/ext/Mac/Fonts/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Gestalt/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/ImageCompression/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Lists/ macos/ext/Mac/Memory/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Menus/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/MoreFiles/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Movies/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Navigation/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Notification/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/OSA/ macos/ext/Mac/Processes/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/QDOffscreen/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/QuickDraw/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/QuickTimeVR/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Resources/ macos/ext/Mac/SAT/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Sound/ macos/ext/Mac/Speech/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/SpeechRecognition/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/StandardFile/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/TextEdit/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Types/ macos/ext/Mac/Windows/<br/> ! macos/fcntl.h macos/lib/ExtUtils/<br/> ! macos/lib/Mac/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12242] By: pudge on 2001/09/26 20:41:35<br/> Log: Note (get|set)sockopt are available.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! pod/perlport.pod<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12241] By: pudge on 2001/09/26 20:28:49<br/> Log: Remove unneeded disabling of umask() calls<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! lib/File/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12219] By: pudge on 2001/09/26 00:19:35<br/> Log: Fix just a few of the bugs in Mac::InternetConfig (Bug<br/>#462999, Axel Rose);<br/> fix doc in Mac::Fonts (Patch #447221, Andreas Marcel Riechert).<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Fonts/Fonts.xs<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/InternetConfig/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12214] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 21:11:21<br/> Log: Integrate changes from bleadperl.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> !&gt; pod/perlport.pod<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12212] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 20:21:06<br/> Log: Integrate change #12200 from maintperl.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> !&gt; win32/perlhost.h<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12211] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 20:11:56<br/> Log: Fix file types to &quot;apple&quot;<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Menus/t/MenuBar.rsrc<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/SAT/t/Collision.rsrc<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12210] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 19:28:20<br/> Log: Fix rsrc file as snd file; fix path in t file.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Notification/t/Notification.rsrc<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Notification/t/Notification.t<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12209] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 19:15:57<br/> Log: Sync up with File::Find from bleadperl.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! lib/File/ t/lib/filefind-taint.t<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12208] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 19:06:48<br/> Log: Ignore SIGPIPE being set to IGNORE. Temporary fix until we<br/>upgrade<br/> to new version of libnet. (Axel Rose, Paul Schinder, and a cast<br/> of hundreds)<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/Net/<br/> ! macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/Net/FTP/<br/> ! macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/Net/FTP/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12193] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 02:53:42<br/> Log: Fixes for multiline error parsing (Bug #459263); cmd-.<br/> not working, cursor not spinning (Bug #422129); external<br/> editor problems (Bug #456329); escape/cmd-. not activating<br/> &quot;Cancel&quot; in Save dialog box (Bug #446960); Runtimes not<br/> executing on launch (Bug #464441).<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/macish.c macos/macish.h macos/macperl/MPEditor.c<br/> ! macos/macperl/MPGlobals.h macos/macperl/MPScript.c<br/> ! macos/macperl/MacPerl.r<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12192] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 02:42:49<br/> Log: Update to work with new Mac::BuildTools instead<br/> of ExtUtils::MM_MacOS &quot;orphan&quot; functions<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! lib/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12191] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 02:37:58<br/> Log: Fix up another xsubpp problem (Matthias Neeracher)<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/xsubpp<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12190] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 02:37:38<br/> Log: Remove literal tabs from source in (Thomas Wegner)<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/lib/ExtUtils/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12189] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 02:37:08<br/> Log: Fix up Makefiles for more Mac:: modules (and prepare for<br/> static build ...?)<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/ macos/ext/Mac/<br/> ! macos/macperl/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12188] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 02:36:19<br/> Log: Fix up tests<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/MacPerlTests.cmd macos/MacPerlTests.plx<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12187] By: pudge on 2001/09/25 02:11:13<br/> Log: Make malloc smarter, fix bugs. (Bug #404030)<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/icemalloc.c macos/icemalloc.h<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 12173] By: pudge on 2001/09/24 12:56:13<br/> Log: Integrate maint-5.6/perl changes 12024, 12026, 12145, 12146.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> !&gt; (integrate 33 files)<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11904] By: pudge on 2001/09/06 00:28:01<br/> Log: Integrate File::Find changes from bleadperl<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! lib/File/ t/lib/filefind-taint.t<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11903] By: pudge on 2001/09/06 00:22:29<br/> Log: Integrate 11847 from maint-5.6/perl<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> !&gt; sv.c<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Wed, 03 Oct 2001 19:46:16 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1a5 Released by Chris Nandor MacPerl 5.6.1a5 is released. It is expected to be the last alpha release<br/>before MacPerl 5.6.1b1. You can get it from the MacPerl Development<br/>web site:<br/><br/><br/><br/>Major highlights from this release:<br/><br/>* Almost all Mac:: extensions work<br/><br/>* MPW-style error reporting now the default for printing errors from<br/> Matthias Neeracher; can be switched to Unix-style error reporting with<br/> MacPerl::ErrorFormat(0) (1 == MPW) or Mac::err pragma, e.g.:<br/><br/> perl -MMac::err=unix -e &#39;...&#39;<br/><br/>* Updated with GUSI 2.1.9 and db 1.8.6a, fixing various problems<br/><br/>* More module test/fixes from Thomas Wegner<br/><br/>* Almost all tests pass now, except for four with known problems<br/> (two problems with GUSI, one with SFIO), and 24 or so tests<br/> that don&#39;t run at all because they test something MacPerl does<br/> not support, or the tests require forking etc.<br/><br/><br/>Notable known problems to be resolved:<br/><br/>* DB_File / NDBM_File not compatible with MacPerl 5.2.0r4 (this<br/> is also why MacPerl Help cannot be read by the MacPerl app)<br/><br/>* Application quits when trying to Mac::Processes::LaunchApplication<br/><br/>* XFCNs and CGI Script extension crash<br/><br/>Please see to see what other bugs exist. Please<br/>download and test MacPerl 5.6.1a5 and report any new bugs, and a word for<br/>successes is always welcome.<br/><br/>Thanks,<br/><br/>-- Chris<br/><br/>----------------<br/>Version v5.6.1a5<br/>----------------<br/><br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11817] By: pudge on 2001/09/01 22:36:29<br/> Log: Fix test<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! t/lib/b.t<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11816] By: pudge on 2001/09/01 22:15:09<br/> Log: Misc. patches: fix tests script; add Mac::LowMem; quiet<br/> warnings in with -W; increase default and<br/> minimum RAM; bump version number.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> + macos/lib/Mac/<br/> ! macos/MPVersion.r macos/MacPerlTests.cmd macos/<br/> ! macos/configpm macos/macperl/MacPerl.r<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11815] By: pudge on 2001/09/01 22:10:49<br/> Log: Make syntax check report in MPW style, fix tests<br/> to use Mac::err=unix to get normal-style error<br/> messages.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! perl.c t/lib/b.t t/op/misc.t t/op/runlevel.t t/pod/<br/> ! t/pragma/strict.t t/pragma/subs.t t/pragma/warnings.t<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11814] By: pudge on 2001/09/01 22:09:08<br/> Log: Make MPW-style errors optional (but the default); add<br/> MacPerl::ErrorFormat() function and Mac::err pragma<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> + macos/ext/Mac/err/Makefile.PL macos/ext/Mac/err/<br/> + macos/ext/Mac/err/err.xs<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/ macos/ext/MacPerl/MacPerl.xs<br/> ! macos/macish.c macos/macish.h macos/macperl.sym<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11813] By: pudge on 2001/09/01 22:01:40<br/> Log: More module and test ports from Thomas Wegner et al<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! ext/File/Glob/ ext/File/Glob/bsd_glob.c<br/> ! lib/File/ lib/File/Spec/ lib/File/<br/> ! t/lib/dosglob.t t/lib/filespec.t t/lib/ftmp-security.t<br/> ! t/op/magic.t<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11806] By: pudge on 2001/09/01 00:04:52<br/> Log: Integrate change 11801 from maintperl<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! perl.c<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11781] By: pudge on 2001/08/29 02:28:33<br/> Log: Delete xsubpp.patch, as full copy exists now<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> - macos/xsubpp.patch<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11780] By: pudge on 2001/08/29 02:26:03<br/> Log: Add Changes file<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> + macos/Changes<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11779] By: pudge on 2001/08/29 02:23:11<br/> Log: Add Mac version of xsubpp as separate file<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> + macos/xsubpp<br/> ! macos/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11778] By: pudge on 2001/08/29 02:14:57<br/> Log: Fix open of /dev/null for Mac OS<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! t/base/term.t<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11777] By: pudge on 2001/08/29 02:12:52<br/> Log: Various patches: enable more tests; skip CVS in PerlInstall;<br/> fix typemap for Mac::Processes; remove comments in<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/MacPerlTests.cmd macos/PerlInstall<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Processes/typemap macos/lib/ExtUtils/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11776] By: pudge on 2001/08/29 02:11:42<br/> Log: Allow for platforms to override formatting of errors<br/> on output from Matthias Neeracher (Mac files)<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/macish.c macos/macish.h<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11775] By: pudge on 2001/08/29 01:59:32<br/> Log: Allow for platforms to override formatting of errors<br/> on output from Matthias Neeracher (core files)<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! perl.h pp_ctl.c util.c<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11774] By: pudge on 2001/08/29 01:29:43<br/> Log: Add some param checking, from reports by Kevin Reid.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Controls/<br/> ! macos/ext/Mac/Menus/ macos/ext/Mac/Windows/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11720] By: pudge on 2001/08/19 19:00:16<br/> Log: Integrate Change #11599 from maint-5.6/perl<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> !&gt; README.win32<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11501] By: pudge on 2001/07/30 12:57:56<br/> Log: Fix O_RDONLY check to check for O_RDONLY.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! doio.c<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11500] By: pudge on 2001/07/30 12:41:11<br/> Log: Integrate miscellaneous changes from maint-5.6/perl.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> !&gt; MANIFEST t/TEST t/harness t/pod/ t/run/runenv.t<br/><br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Sat, 01 Sep 2001 18:03:53 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1a4 Released by Chris Nandor OK, MacPerl 5.6.1a4 is released (the &quot;a&quot; stands for alpha!) and the source<br/>and binaries are available online. See the development site for downloads<br/>and more information.<br/><br/><br/><br/>Note the new URL, and note that the build instructions have changed<br/>slightly (all the source is in one archive now).<br/><br/>I&#39;ll be gone at The Perl Conference next week, and on vacation a little bit<br/>after that; feel free to file bug reports and test in the meantime. Thanks,<br/><br/>--Chris<br/><br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11424] By: pudge on 2001/07/20 18:55:25<br/> Log: Fix test.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/bundled_ext/Filter/t/call.t<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11422] By: pudge on 2001/07/20 18:16:37<br/> Log: Add Filter::Util::Call, Class::ISA, Digest, Filter::Simple,<br/> Switch, and Text::Balanced.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> + macos/bundled_ext/Filter/Util/Call/<br/> + macos/bundled_ext/Filter/Util/Call/Call.xs<br/> + macos/bundled_ext/Filter/Util/Call/Makefile.PL<br/> + macos/bundled_ext/Filter/t/<br/> + macos/bundled_ext/Filter/t/call.t<br/> + macos/bundled_ext/Filter/t/<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/Class/<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/Filter/<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/Text/<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/Text/Balanced.pod<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Class/ISA/<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Digest/Digest.t<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Filter/Simple/<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Switch/<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Text/Balanced/t/genxt.t<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Text/Balanced/t/xbrak.t<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Text/Balanced/t/xcode.t<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Text/Balanced/t/xdeli.t<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Text/Balanced/t/xmult.t<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Text/Balanced/t/xquot.t<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Text/Balanced/t/xtagg.t<br/> + macos/bundled_lib/t/Text/Balanced/t/xvari.t<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11421] By: pudge on 2001/07/20 18:03:28<br/> Log: Add Filter::Util::Call to config/make files; edit utils<br/> to recognize the module (it was descended too far down).<br/> Bump version to 5.6.1a4.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/InstallBLIB macos/MPVersion.r macos/<br/> ! macos/ macos/lib/ExtUtils/<br/> ! macos/macperl/ macos/xsubpp.patch<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11420] By: pudge on 2001/07/20 18:02:05<br/> Log: Make DB_File the default for MLDBM on MacOS.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/bundled_lib/blib/lib/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11408] By: pudge on 2001/07/19 03:27:36<br/> Log: Update docs with latest implementation information and new URLs.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! README.macos pod/perlport.pod<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11407] By: pudge on 2001/07/19 02:35:46<br/> Log: Add Time::HiRes, and add default for Digest::MD5.<br/> Fix BuildRules to accept optimization variables.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> + macos/bundled_ext/Digest/MD5/<br/> ! macos/ macos/<br/> ! macos/bundled_ext/Time/HiRes/HiRes.xs macos/<br/> ! macos/macish.c macos/macish.h macos/macperl/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11406] By: pudge on 2001/07/19 01:11:39<br/> Log: Integrate changes 11399,11401<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> !&gt; win32/perlhost.h win32/win32.c<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11390] By: pudge on 2001/07/16 23:54:44<br/> Log: Add in List::Util, Memoize, NEXT, and a bunch of tests for other<br/> modules. Also added Mac::BuildTools, Mac::AppleEvents::Simple,<br/> and Mac::Apps::Launch, which don&#39;t work, and Time::HiRes and<br/> Time::Piece, which don&#39;t yet work.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> + (add 154 files)<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11389] By: pudge on 2001/07/16 23:13:10<br/> Log: Fix %ENV to be tainted [SF bug #231848, Thomas Wegner].<br/> Also add hack to get around missing setenv for PERL5DB.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/macish.c macos/macish.h<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11388] By: pudge on 2001/07/16 23:11:26<br/> Log: Fix DB_File, and patch tests for it, and NDBM_File, and POSIX.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/MacPerlTests.cmd macos/xsubpp.patch t/lib/db-btree.t<br/> ! t/lib/db-hash.t t/lib/db-recno.t t/lib/ndbm.t t/lib/posix.t<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11387] By: pudge on 2001/07/16 23:05:12<br/> Log: Fix up some configuration and make options, add extra<br/> extensions.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! macos/ macos/ macos/<br/> ! macos/macperl/<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11386] By: pudge on 2001/07/16 21:22:32<br/> Log: From Change 11374 in maintperl.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> !&gt; utils/h2ph.PL<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11263] By: pudge on 2001/07/10 21:06:10<br/> Log: Integrate changes from mainline perl, add notes about<br/> Mac OS X and Mac OS.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> ! pod/perlport.pod<br/>____________________________________________________________________________<br/>[ 11243] By: pudge on 2001/07/09 22:16:12<br/> Log: Add in all them there macos/ files.<br/> Branch: maint-5.6/macperl<br/> + (add 577 files)<br/> Fri, 20 Jul 2001 17:31:10 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1a3 Released by Chris Nandor Please see for downloads and more information.<br/><br/>Many bugfixes, lots of additional files (pretty much all of cpan-mac), and<br/>it is working pretty well for an alpha. Don&#39;t forget to test (read the<br/>instructions on the Testing page for how to run the MacPerlTests.cmd<br/>script) and send in your bug reports to SourceForge.<br/><br/>To build, you should use GUSI 2.1.8 (released last week).<br/><br/>Thanks,<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Sun, 08 Jul 2001 12:13:38 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1a2 Released by Chris Nandor Please see for downloads and more information.<br/><br/>Note that for the Testing page, I have (optionally) separated out viewing<br/>of tests of different versions of MacPerl, so the default page shows only<br/>the most recent version (5.6.1a2). The older tests are still there. I<br/>also have more information about testing guidelines/procedure up there.<br/><br/>To bed for me,<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Sat, 05 May 2001 23:07:41 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1 Goes Alpha by Chris Nandor MacPerl 5.6.1 is now in alpha. There is a binary release in addition to<br/>the source release. It is not ready for production use, there are a lot of<br/>bugs, but it is usable. Please download it and try it out, and join the<br/>macperl-porters list for discussion.<br/><br/>See for more information about MacPerl<br/>development and for reporting test results.<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Tue, 24 Apr 2001 22:25:07 +0000 perl 5.6.1 by Chris Nandor perl 5.6.1 has been released, and the source has been Mac-ized and stuffed<br/>and is on FTP.<br/><br/><br/><br/>The current build instructions should work with this release. There are<br/>currently no additional patches (though there will be :-). I will keep<br/>perl on CVS synched with whatever patches I make, plus any changes to<br/>maint-5.6/perl on the perforce repository. However, on FTP, I will just<br/>include the latest actual release, plus patches.<br/><br/>Occasionally I might release a .sit file with patches applied, but I might<br/>not, unless there is a big cry for them. Maybe I&#39;ll keep<br/>perl-5.6.1.sit.bin, and perl-5.6.1-20010409.sit.bin or something, with all<br/>patches (including xsubpp) applied.<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Mon, 09 Apr 2001 07:08:51 +0000 perl on macosx list by Ask Bjoern Hansen <br/>I don&#39;t think anyone announced it yet, so here goes:<br/><br/>We created a macosx mailinglist yesterday. <br/><br/>Mail to subscribe.<br/>Archive at<br/><br/><br/> - ask<br/><br/>-- <br/>ask bjoern hansen, !try; do();<br/><br/> Sat, 31 Mar 2001 14:32:21 +0000 MacPerl 5.6.1d2 Released by Chris Nandor OK, 5.6.1d2 is out. Mostly changes to the build process, config.{h,sh,pm}<br/>stuff is all done, lots of little things here and there. It is almost 1<br/>a.m. and I am not lucid. I hope it turns out OK. ;-)<br/><br/>Yes, this is based on perl-5.6.1-TRIAL3, but it is more recent than that<br/>(the latest source for the repository as of this evening), and includes a<br/>few MacPerl-specific patches to TRIAL3.<br/><br/>See for more information and downloads.<br/><br/>For those who have already built MacPerl, you only need the perl and<br/>MacPerl source distributions, not the external libs. However, you should<br/>get GUSI 216b2 (or later) to fix some bugs, though some older versions of<br/>GUSI 2 (215, 214) should work. 216b2 still has a few bugs in it, I think<br/>(you&#39;ll see warnings about non-text typemap files that you can ignore), but<br/>it&#39;s fine for the build for now.<br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Wed, 21 Mar 2001 21:51:34 +0000 The State of MacPerl by Chris Nandor Hi, I&#39;m the new maintainer for MacPerl.<br/><br/>I&#39;ve been programming in Perl since 1995, and in MacPerl since 1996. I<br/>wrote MacPerl: Power and Ease with Vicki Brown and Rich Morin, and have<br/>written a bunch of tools and modules for MacPerl. I work for OSDN, a<br/>division of VA Linux, writing Perl code for Slashdot by day and battling<br/>supervillains by night. I write for The Perl Journal, and run the Perl<br/>News and use Perl web sites.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>Matthias Neeracher wrote MacPerl, and was its developer and maintainer<br/>since 1991. After eight long years (according to my fuzzy math) under his<br/>administration, it is time to restore dignity and character to Perl on Mac<br/>OS. :-)<br/><br/>When Matthias asked me to take over the maintenance of MacPerl, my primary<br/>concerns were ability and availability. As to ability, I know I have<br/>nothing close to his acumen in this area. But, I have confidence in the<br/>Perl community to help me with the project, and to contribute its time and<br/>expertise. And Matthias assured me that he would work with my transition<br/>team, so I can get up to speed as quickly as possible, and be able to rely<br/>on him as little as necessary.<br/><br/>As to availability, I&#39;ve decided that this is too great an opportunity for<br/>me to pass up. I will learn more about many different things, and a new<br/>MacPerl is something that the community wants and needs, and I believe I<br/>can help make it happen. With the community&#39;s help, I think it will be<br/>done, and it will be good.<br/><br/>Matthias left MacPerl in really good shape, but there&#39;s a lot left to do,<br/>and I hope I can get help from the rest of the community as we work toward<br/>MacPerl 5.6 and beyond. Don&#39;t ask what MacPerl can do for you, ask what<br/>you can do for MacPerl.<br/><br/><br/>So, what is the future of MacPerl? The immediate future is to get the<br/>buildable source of MacPerl 5.6.0 into the hands of those who are inclined<br/>to help. This source has been released (see below for details). Following<br/>that will be cycles of testing, porting, fixing, etc.<br/><br/>Soon we will be doing an analysis of the perl 5.6.1 code (still in<br/>development) to evaluate what would be necessary to move to 5.6.1. I think<br/>most people would prefer releasing 5.6.1 instead of 5.6.0. Hopefully, this<br/>will happen, and won&#39;t slow down our efforts much. And as soon as this is<br/>done, we will release a public beta. When we are confident that it works<br/>well, we will do the actual release. There is no timeline for this, as one<br/>may imagine. I will likely set short-term &quot;deadlines&quot; for various phases<br/>of the process as we get more into it. How fast we get through the phases<br/>will largely depend on the community.<br/><br/>One really great thing about what Matthias has done with MacPerl over the<br/>last year is that he has separated the Mac-specific code into a separate<br/>subdirectory (macos), so you can just add in the subdirectory to the perl<br/>directory and build it. Future ports of MacPerl will be much simpler<br/>because of this. There are a handful of patches to the perl source<br/>required, changes to things like paths in perl.c, and whitespace handling<br/>in toke.c. These changes, largely, have already been added to &quot;maintperl&quot;<br/>(what will be 5.6.1) and &quot;bleadperl&quot; (what is 5.7.0), but we aren&#39;t sure if<br/>they still work, what further changes might be needed, etc. I figure<br/>sometime soon we&#39;ll move to 5.6.1 and just start testing.<br/><br/>And, speaking of testing: testing and module porting are two of the areas<br/>where the most work from volunteers will be needed. Perl comes with an<br/>extensive test suite. The goal will be to run the tests, note where the<br/>tests don&#39;t work, and make appropriate changes in the tests (or in the<br/>code, in the case of a bug) to make the tests work. This may also involve<br/>reading the tests to make sure that there are not false positives, in some<br/>cases. There are plenty of modules that need to be ported, too.<br/>File::Find is entirely broken on Mac OS, for instance.<br/><br/>In order to facilitate all this, I will be setting up some thingys on<br/>SourceForge to track modules and tests, and will be looking for volunteers<br/>to take modules and tests, work on them, make changes, and report back.<br/>They are not ready yet. When they are, I will, of course, announce it.<br/><br/>SourceForge is a nice killer app for open source developers, a free service<br/>to the open source community from VA Linux. It offers, to developers for<br/>their open source projects, access to FTP, CVS, patch and bug and task<br/>management, web space, and more. So you can, at any time, go to<br/>SourceForge and check the latest bugs reports, see what tasks are being<br/>worked on, get the latest source from CVS, etc.<br/><br/>To be involved with development, please register yourself at SourceForge<br/>and join the macperl-porters mailing list, if you have not done both<br/>already. On an individual basis I will be adding willing volunteers to the<br/>MacPerl project on SourceForge to help with bugs, patches, documentation,<br/>etc. I will be doing this slowly at first, I imagine.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>Please use the bug reporting there for any bugs related to current MacPerl<br/>or the development MacPerl; just mark it appropriately, and always give<br/>complete version information for what software you are using. You can also<br/>make suggestions and feature requests on the bug page.<br/><br/>[* NOTE: The bug submission page on SourceForge is currently broken. Hopefully<br/>it will be fixed by the time you read this. Please just hold on to any<br/>bugs until it is fixed.]<br/><br/>I&#39;ve also been keeping a &quot;diary&quot; on SourceForge, available from my<br/>SourceForge page, which might help those who are interested follow what I<br/>am up to on the development.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>We are changing the versioning system of MacPerl. Whereas before the<br/>version of MacPerl was e.g. 5.2.0r4, which represented perl 5, MacPerl 2.0<br/>(of 5), and maintenance release (&quot;r&quot;) 4 of perl (thus corresponding with<br/>perl 5.004), it will now be e.g. 5.6.0r1, where 5.6.0 is the perl version,<br/>&quot;r&quot; is release (&quot;d&quot; is development), and 1 is the build number. This will<br/>make following the version of MacPerl much simpler.<br/><br/>There will be no CFM68K build of MacPerl 5.6, at least a first. If there<br/>is enough interest, and there are people to help work on it, then we can<br/>support it later. So this means there will be no dynamic loading for 68K<br/>Macs, unless this is done. Those who really want CFM68K support need to<br/>speak up on the macperl-porters list, and hopefully can lend a hand. The<br/>worst case scenario is that people who want extra modules under 68K Macs<br/>can set up the source on their own system and link in the modules<br/>statically, but it would be nice to have dynamic loading support.<br/><br/><br/>So that&#39;s about it, for now. Please direct general discussion to the<br/>macperl list and porting discussion to the macperl-porters list. And if<br/>you are so inclined, head on over to the MacPerl page at SourceForge, get<br/>familiar with what&#39;s going on, and see the &quot;Build Instructions&quot; page for<br/>information on how to build it. Note that almost anyone with a relatively<br/>recent Mac can build MacPerl, using only freely available tools. This is a<br/>very good thing.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>Thanks a ton to Matthias for the wonderful gift he has given us in MacPerl,<br/>Larry Wall for his gift of perl, and all those who came before and after<br/>who have helped and continue to help this project be possible, and fun. I<br/>look forward to a great time and a great release.<br/><br/> &quot;The technical specialist marine will accompany us,&quot; Ashnak<br/> continued. &quot;Captain Barashkukor--Captain!&quot;<br/><br/> The small orc, his chin on his hands, continued to gaze<br/> fondly at Razitshakra, who ignored him.<br/><br/> &quot;Captain!&quot;<br/><br/> Barashkukor jumped three inches in his seat, stood up, saluted,<br/> and yelled, &quot;Sir, yes sir!&quot;<br/><br/> Ashnak sighed. &quot;You are promoted to major, Barashkukor. You<br/> will hold Nin-Edin with the orcs until our return. Send out<br/> snipers, raiding parties, sallies--harass the enemy, Major,<br/> keep them off-balance.&quot;<br/><br/> Barashkukor, his wistfully dreamy gaze returning to the<br/> spectacled female orc, murmured, &quot;Yes, yes, of course.<br/> Whatever you think best, General.&quot;<br/><br/> -- Book 2, Chapter 3, Grunts!, by Mary Gentle<br/><br/>Chris Nandor<br/><br/><br/>Tuesday, January 30, 2001<br/> Tue, 30 Jan 2001 12:09:37 +0000 List Changes by Chris Nandor In case you hadn&#39;t noticed, the MacPerl lists, formerly housed at<br/> and run by Vicki Brown, are now housed at Thanks<br/>much to Vicki and to Rich Morin for taking care of the lists. And thanks<br/>to Ask Bjoern Hansen for taking them over, along with all the other<br/> lists.<br/><br/>The subscription lists should have been carried over. If you find you are<br/>not any longer subscribed, please try subscribing again.<br/><br/>There are archives of all the lists for the box over at<br/><br/><br/>-- <br/>Chris Nandor<br/>Open Source Development Network<br/> Mon, 22 Jan 2001 15:41:40 +0000