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Fancy sub arg handling: ability to expand error message? 5 messages Tom Browder, The Sidhekin, Moritz Lenz 17:32
Example module and its use 7 messages Tom Browder, Nathan Brown, Paul Cochrane, Moritz Lenz 28 Mar
Can a user "cheat" and call a class's private method? 6 messages Tom Browder, =?UTF-8?Q?Carl_M=C3=A4sak?=, Moritz Lenz, yary 27 Mar
How to get indirect access to a class attribute? 5 messages Tom Browder, Bruce Gray, Moritz Lenz 25 Mar
Re-installation of Perl 6 (Rakudo Star) via rakudobrew on Linux 4 messages Tom Browder, Steve Mynott 24 Mar
Announce: Rakudo Star Release 2015.03 1 message Moritz Lenz 21 Mar
Writing New Modules for Submission 2 messages Tobias Leich, Tom Browder 21 Mar
Object Introspection for Existence of Methods: How? 26 messages Tom Browder, Henk van Oers, Will Coleda, =?UTF-8?Q?Carl_M=C3=A4sak?= 23 Mar
Need help with: Cannot find method 'postcircumfix:<( )>'... 11 messages Tom Browder, Brandon Allbery, Timo Paulssen, Moritz Lenz 20 Mar
Function Signatures: Return Types (replace wantarray?) 7 messages Darren Duncan, Tom Browder, Brent Laabs, Tobias Leich 19 Mar
Passing arrays to subroutines 3 messages Tom Browder, Moritz Lenz 19 Mar
Can a class have an attribute and a method with the same name? 3 messages Tom Browder, Moritz Lenz 19 Mar
Object Contruction 8 messages Tom Browder, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Moritz Lenz 18 Mar
Trig Functions "to-radians" and "from-radians" 3 messages Tom Browder, Paul Cochrane 17 Mar
Carp and Croak 2 messages Tom Browder 17 Mar
Perl 6 Debugging 11 messages Tom Browder, Timo Paulssen, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Moritz Lenz 15 Mar
Perl 6 script beginning lines: 'v6;' required? 4 messages Tom Browder, Rob Hoelz, Brandon Allbery 13 Mar
rakudo website down 2 messages =?UTF-8?B?VsOhY2xhdiBTdHJhY2hvxYg=?=, Will Coleda 1 Mar
Re: Bag with explicit 0 elements? 5 messages Philip Hazelden, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Darren Duncan 1 Mar

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