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write string requires an object with REPR MVMOSHandle 5 messages Shlomi Fish, Gabor Szabo, Timo Paulssen, Elizabeth Mattijsen 29 Mar
Module take-over policy 3 messages Richard Hainsworth, Brad Gilbert 29 Mar
Interactive terminal modules? 3 messages Chris Ramsey, Lloyd Fournier 29 Mar
Bug report for Crypt::Bcrypt - cannot install 5 messages Gabor Szabo, Will Coleda 28 Mar
does `copy` have a recursive option? 1 message ToddAndMargo 28 Mar
RFE: doc upgrade on "last" 1 message ToddAndMargo 28 Mar
gtk::simple progress bar? 4 messages ToddAndMargo, Timo Paulssen 28 Mar
trivia question on zef 1 message ToddAndMargo 27 Mar
What module do I use to create a "windows"? 6 messages ToddAndMargo, Timo Paulssen 28 Mar
regex and performance question 4 messages ToddAndMargo, Timo Paulssen, Brandon Allbery 27 Mar
"not" question 7 messages ToddAndMargo, Timo Paulssen 27 Mar
exit code: 141 causes Perl 6 to exit. 3 messages Gabor Szabo, Rob Hoelz 27 Mar
Travis-CI and Rakudo seem to be a bit unstable 1 message Gabor Szabo 26 Mar
Failed to open file .. too many open files 7 messages Gabor Szabo, Timo Paulssen, Elizabeth Mattijsen 25 Mar
Perl 6 docs 5 messages Gabor Szabo, Shlomi Fish, Will Coleda 25 Mar
Using Rakudo Start on OSX using the .dmg 2 messages Gabor Szabo, Will Coleda 25 Mar
tip on using /etc/crontab 2 messages ToddAndMargo 28 Mar
Can this OR be shortened? 15 messages ToddAndMargo, Timo Paulssen, yary, Brandon Allbery 25 Mar
Global search and replace inside string 3 messages Chris Ramsey, Brandon Allbery 22 Mar
Am I suppose to be able to change a variable's type on the fly? 6 messages ToddAndMargo, Richard Hainsworth, Brad Gilbert, Brandon Allbery 28 Mar
File::Copy ?? 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Brad Gilbert 22 Mar
maintainability and "or" 12 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Patrick R. Michaud, The Sidhekin 21 Mar
How to I create a file? 13 messages ToddAndMargo, Simon Proctor, The Sidhekin, Brent Laabs 22 Mar
Is this file check backwards? 4 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Simon Proctor 21 Mar
Question for the developers on splice 7 messages ToddAndMargo, Parrot Raiser, Timo Paulssen, Elizabeth Mattijsen 21 Mar
How do I remove N elements 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Norman Gaywood 21 Mar
RFE: throw an error on a single "="when used in an "if" 6 messages Francesco Rivetti, JuhiMarcel LangbroekTimmerman, Patrick R. Michaud, Elizabeth Mattijsen 21 Mar
Any directions for email attachments out there? 1 message ToddAndMargo 16 Mar
my command line notes: 6 messages ToddAndMargo, Will Coleda, Timo Paulssen 16 Mar
sympa hackathon: perl6 for the IM part ? 1 message Marc Chantreux 14 Mar
please apply to this CfP 1 message Marc Chantreux 14 Mar
more match humility 6 messages ToddAndMargo, Brent Laabs, Brandon Allbery 14 Mar
Need help with a match 8 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Richard Hainsworth, yary 14 Mar
preassigned names in pattern matches? 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Elizabeth Mattijsen 14 Mar
What to do when a pattern match fails 10 messages ToddAndMargo, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Andy Bach, yary 14 Mar
Perl 5 list assignment idiom 4 messages Sean McAfee, Brock Wilcox, Will Coleda 13 Mar
lazy gather? 7 messages Marc Chantreux, Siavash, Theo van den Heuvel, Andreas Mueller 14 Mar
I need help with pattern matching 4 messages ToddAndMargo, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Andreas Mueller 13 Mar
X11Clipboard.pm6 1 message ToddAndMargo 11 Mar
debugging modules 7 messages Theo van den Heuvel, Timo Paulssen, Dominique Dumont, Fernando Santagata 16 Mar
How to defined reversed word in a perl6 grammar ? 6 messages Theo van den Heuvel, Will Coleda, Timo Paulssen, yary 9 Mar
Variables in modules 15 messages ToddAndMargo, Theo van den Heuvel, JuhiMarcel LangbroekTimmerman, Timo Paulssen 16 Mar
My first inline code! 2 messages ToddAndMargo 9 Mar
issues with 4 messages ToddAndMargo, Timo Paulssen 9 Mar
How do I call system functions? 10 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Will Coleda 8 Mar
How do I use "&?ROUTINE"? 5 messages ToddAndMargo, Brent Laabs 8 Mar
Re: Your thoughts on Padre? 17 messages ToddAndMargo, Luca Ferrari, Dominique Dumont, yary 9 Mar
Design question re: function parameters 2 messages Sean McAfee, Timo Paulssen 7 Mar
Install Drive on Windows 2 messages Will Coleda, Andreas Mueller 7 Mar
two questions: use 6, p5: package 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery 7 Mar
Is there a list out there of all the \n characters? 16 messages ToddAndMargo, H.Merijn Brand, Brandon Allbery, Luca Ferrari 12 Mar
$*DISTRO 5 messages ToddAndMargo, Timo Paulssen, Steve Mynott 6 Mar
I need the rules for qx with a pipe inside 16 messages ToddAndMargo, Timo Paulssen, yary 8 Mar
Re: clipboard and ps questions? 5 messages ToddAndMargo, yary 24 Feb
program/script question 10 messages ToddAndMargo, Shlomi Fish, Brandon Allbery, Luca Ferrari 8 Mar
embedded sub question 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery 5 Mar
Inline::Perl5 "run" question 2 messages ToddAndMargo 4 Mar
Need Inline::Perl5 help 4 messages ToddAndMargo, Brock Wilcox 6 Mar
Re: Graphical Toolkits 4 messages Kaare Rasmussen, Timo Paulssen, The Holy Ghost 26 Aug 2016
pod question 3 messages mt1957, Will Coleda 1 Mar
Search & replace binary data 1 message Fernando Santagata 1 Mar
Re: Net::SMTP attachments? 11 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, yary, Bennett Todd 1 Mar
Re: for loop index question 16 messages Todd Chester, Richard Hainsworth, yary, Patrick R. Michaud 1 Mar
Re: Terminal::ANSIColor problem 19 messages ToddAndMargo, yary, Brandon Allbery, Todd Chester 28 Feb

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