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select (3) 7 messages Kaare Rasmussen, Brandon Allbery 19:05
Difficulty Installing Module on Latest Rakudo Star 8 messages Joe Polanik -X , =?UTF-8?Q?Tadeusz_So=c5=9bnierz?=, Steve Mynott 29 Apr
testing with a "warn" 10 messages Brandon Allbery, Timo Paulssen, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Richard Hainsworth 30 Apr
Helping Perl 6: a complete dev environment 3 messages Timo Paulssen, Jovan Trujillo, Tom Browder 29 Apr
question about Supply.act() 2 messages Moritz Lenz, mt1957 28 Apr
Announce: Rakudo Star Release 2016.04 1 message Steve Mynott 25 Apr
Perl 6 pod-handling code seems widely scattered 4 messages Tom Browder, Moritz Lenz, =?UTF-8?Q?Tadeusz_So=c5=9bnierz?= 27 Apr
File: 1 message Tom Browder 23 Apr
Blobs and IEEE floating point 9 messages Kevin Pye, Timo Paulssen, Elizabeth Mattijsen, mt1957 27 Apr
Building perl6 on Android in Gnuroot Debian : perl6 1 message Bennett Todd 17 Apr
Any way to change rakudobrew's default installation location? 4 messages Tom Browder, H.Merijn Brand 13 Apr
Union 5 messages David Warring, Marcel Timmerman, JuhiMarcel LangbroekTimmerman 12 Apr
can a method name contain a funny =?UTF-8?Q?character=3F?= 17 messages Theo van den Heuvel, Parrot Raiser, Brock Wilcox, Brandon Allbery 12 Apr
Problem with multiple programs running under Proc::Async (codeattached) 1 message Ivaylo Ilionov 4 Apr
Two topics not found in docs search: 'constant' and 'heredocs'. 6 messages Tom Browder, Timo Paulssen, Shlomi Fish 4 Apr
How to use NativeCall with a libc function? 7 messages Tom Browder, Timo Paulssen 4 Apr
perl6 --profile-compile | --profile: both very slow and depend onInternet resources 6 messages Tom Browder, Timo Paulssen 1 Apr
Re: A practical benchmark shows speed challenges for Perl 6 29 messages Tom Browder, Elizabeth Mattijsen, yary, Timo Paulssen 31 Mar

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