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[perl #113544] Flattening into named arguments does not happen fromwithin rules 1 message via RT 13:59
[perl #126278] Dynamic variable binding doesn't check for propercontainer 1 message Faye 12:52
[perl #126277] IO::Socket::Async + `run` exits unexpectedly on mac 1 message Tokuhiro Matsuno 12:42
[perl #124024] [SUGGESTION] BOM flag should be removed if open filewith UTF-8 1 message via RT 11:07
[perl #121531] [MoarVM] failing PRE block should abort execution ofall other phasers, doesn't in rakudo-m 1 message via RT 09:26
[perl #121530] die() shouldn't abort LEAVE queue, but it does on JVMand on MoarVM 1 message via RT 5 Oct
[perl #123154] Stash values are all Mu 1 message via RT 5 Oct
[perl #126270] [BUG] Something fishy with lines() and looping overtwo items at a time in Rakudo 1 message Carl Mäsak 5 Oct
[perl #126269] [BUG] unexpected behavior for reduced composition 1 message grondilu @ yahoo . fr 5 Oct
[perl #126216] [Moar] --profile output wildly wrong when programcalls "exit" 1 message via RT 5 Oct
[perl #126264] LTA error message for keywords like "eval" or "begin"in lower case 1 message quester 5 Oct
[perl #126262] IO::Path.absolute(): String or IO::Path? 1 message dean @ cs . serenevy . net 5 Oct
[perl #101448] [BUG] No error on assigning a type object to a:D-constrained container in Rakudo 2 messages Tobias Leich via RT 5 Oct
[perl #126263] Problem when reentering the grammar engine from anaction 2 messages Timo Paulssen, Stephane Payrard 5 Oct
[perl #69204] [BUG] Cannot combine infix:<.=> and string methodrefsin Rakudo 1 message Tobias Leich via RT 3 Oct
type mistakes creating unhelpful error messages 1 message mt1957 3 Oct
[perl #126252] Lexical character classes cannot be used forcomplement or combined 1 message Ron Schmidt 2 Oct
[perl #126251] missing NYI makes shaped hashes error messages LTA 1 message Wenzel Peppmeyer 2 Oct
[perl #126249] $/ constructed just once in regex 1 message Faye 2 Oct
[perl #126143] [NYI] Array aliasing on matching 1 message Tobias Leich via RT 1 Oct
[perl #126243] [BUG] capturing to lexical variable not handled 1 message Tobias Leich 1 Oct
[perl #126215] LTA error message when doing Any eq 'x' 2 messages Alex Jakimenko, Christian Bartolomaeus via RT 1 Oct
[perl #124695] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-str/substr.tline:134 reason: This seems unneccessarily restrictive 1 message Christian Bartolomaeus via RT 1 Oct
[perl #126128] s/$~Q/$~Quote 1 message Tobias Leich via RT 1 Oct
[perl #126241] operator names need to be valid, parsable Perl 1 message Larry Wall 1 Oct
[perl #126238] LTM does not seem to apply within metaoperators, ordoes not take new operators in account. 1 message Stephane Payrard 1 Oct
[perl #126227] [BUG] sub-signature unpacking does not work for lazyseq 1 message Zhenyi Zhou 1 Oct
[perl #126234] LTA error message with junctions in type constraints 1 message Wenzel Peppmeyer 1 Oct
[perl #126232] Return signature issues 1 message Elizabeth Mattijsen 1 Oct
[perl #126231] REPL tab completion broken 1 message Rob Hoelz 1 Oct

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