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[Fwd: help] 1 message Mohamed HOUSSNI 06:41
Problem installing a module 10 messages Chris, Kent Fredric, Andy Bach, Sam 02:35
Please check my logic 6 messages Sherman Willden, Shawn H Corey, Danny Wong , Mike McClain 21 Jul
-e switch is not working on Window 7 and 8 4 messages Purvee Vora, Shaji Kalidasan, WFB 21 Jul
Critique of simple spell check interview question 1 message Kartik Thakore 19 Jul
About staying brushed up on perl 8 messages Shaji Kalidasan, Shawn H Corey, Kent Fredric, Mike McClain 21 Jul
ssh key via stdin: perl vs bash 3 messages gator_ml 19 Jul
auto completion by crtl + space is not working with eclipse -epicmodule , Good IDE for beginner 3 messages Benjamin Fernandis, Shaji Kalidasan 15 Jul
module installation error from cpan cli 3 messages Benjamin Fernandis, David Precious 14 Jul
Apologetic request for simple one-off script 26 messages John Delacour, ESChamp, Shlomi Fish, John SJ Anderson 17 Jul
script to match a valid email id 14 messages David Precious, Sunita Pradhan, Розанда ЧУП, Ron Bergin 11 Jul
Creating a hash of arrays from <DATA> 9 messages SSC_perl, Ron Bergin, John SJ Anderson, Sunita Pradhan 10 Jul
List::MoreUtils with array of arrays not working 6 messages Natxo Asenjo, Jim Gibson 10 Jul
How to Upgrade Perl to latest Stable Version. 3 messages Shawn H Corey, Uday Vernekar, Sam 8 Jul
Impossible to install Perl modules 3 messages Bob Sauvage, Sebastien Feugere, Sam 9 Jul
CPAN Not installing dependencies ( was: Re: want to write to file indifferent format ) 1 message Kent Fredric 8 Jul
How to add additional module to existent library 2 messages Thomas Funk 7 Jul
want to write to file in different format 13 messages Розанда ЧУП, Mukesh Baranwal, Sunita Pradhan, Shaji Kalidasan 8 Jul
loop does select next line 2 messages Kent Fredric, Sunita Pradhan 6 Jul
Perl CGI-html quotation marks 7 messages James Kerwin, Uri Guttman, Shaji Kalidasan, Shlomi Fish 5 Jul
Re: Need to Grep only fail count from the Pattern. 22 messages Uday Vernekar, Jim Gibson, Shaji Kalidasan, Charles DeRykus 1 Jul

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